With we will have:

⚡ 5G and ultrafast EU-wide broadband

🏡 Smart cities

🔒 Safer online shopping

🧠 Developments in AI to fight climate change, improve healthcare, transport and education.

Visit our website to discover more 👉!bm69mtV

@EC_DIGIT too bad we did not ask for any of this...
* I've got 4G as my only internet access and that enough for everything (including large download and movie streaming)
* I see mostly disadvantages to smart cities
* I guess safer online shopping is good though, even if I don't know anyone who had issues with that
* we know many ways to tackle important issues like climate change, transport and education, none of them require AI; investing in these topics rather than in AI might be a start...

@EC_DIGIT Hoi is the EU going to make sure that #SmartCity is not going to endup in a dystopian #surveillancecapitalism nightmare? Because that is the direction of all current SmartCity projects.
I would prefer that the EU would invest in #SmartCitizens instead!

@EC_DIGIT Well :
* 5G is useless crap, takes loads of resources (non-green) to deploy and manufacture, fiber channel costs less, 4G isn't EVEN fully deployed, you're just following IT lobbies in their crap inventions
* smart cities are a grotesque idea, deal with it
* Online shopping is mostly safe thank's to gateway payments, daaa
* AI for climate change sounds like green-washing

Why don't you put eco-killing blockchains and NFTs while advertising it's good for the planet while you're at it ?

@EC_DIGIT No we won't make it real until there's a REAL consultation on what the future should be like. Ask the people if they want anything you're talking about. Nope because if there's a need, you don't have to market it to convince people it's actually useful.

Got the feeling that you're pure lobby compliant.

Lobby : pushes stupid idea to make money off people (metaverse, NFT, AI all the things)
You : go for it

Stop pretending acting for the greater good when actually you're just pushing your authoritarian vision of society

@EC_DIGIT We still need many thousand km of fibre optics to be rolled out for a stable infra-structure and more modularity. 5G is great, but also not that hard to disrupt, and considering the current state of affairs in and around Europe ..

There are "major" cities in Europe where fibre optics broadband is still not accessible/available in enclaves of neighborhoods, etc.

While talking is fine, doing is better.

@EC_DIGIT I would rather live in dumb cities. We need fewer sensors in public spaces, not more. Our freedoms are being sacrificed for data, data that don’t accurately reflect reality any way. Keeping a record of everything means destroying the freedom to make mistakes, and we can’t learn without making mistakes. It also makes everyone vulnerable to manipulation or persecution. 1/2

@EC_DIGIT As Evgeny Morozov said, SMART = Surveillance Marketed As Revolutionary Technology. The new normal of being watched and analyzed should not be encouraged. The dumber the better! 2/2

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