The award ceremony of our NextCloud Hackathon is about to start .. follow it live here in 1 minute:

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@EC_OSPO Maybe setting up the ceremony on #OpenSource platforms like Jitsi/BigBlueButton and streaming it with @peertube live would have sent out a much better message ;-)

@paolo @EC_OSPO @peertube I was about to write the same.

And with the wonderful peertube chat plugin by @John_Livingston , people would have participated much better.

@rresoli I believe @EC_OSPO is doing an excellent job in promoting and supporting #OpenSource, we probably have to convince also the colleagues at @EC_DIGIT, which I believe are responsible for the infrastructure, to setup their own Jitsi/BigBlueButton servers and run events from there. @peertube @John_Livingston

@paolo @EC_OSPO @peertube moreover, Jitsi latest stable version can stream directly to a peertube live (despite what jitsi GUI for streaming is saying). Try with GARR instance !

@aligyie It is excellent news!
I've got to update the app to see if finally I can share the hundreds of photos I've placed in the map with the rest of the family.
Time to plan this summer trips together on #nextcloud 😃 @EC_OSPO

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