While thinking about how much "power" BIG TECH like Twitter have over the conversation these days I was thinking how it would be good if EU members would each put up their own Fediverse instance, preferably on Mastodon. All federated, naturally. I believe that "the conversation" would be healthier than on Twitter.

Here is an idea for @EC_OSPO if they are reading this at all.



Good idea! Perhaps you should ask the Member States themselves? There are meanwhile some public services with their own Fediverse presence.

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@EC_OSPO I am following all accounts from “social.network.europa.eu” but I did not spot a better account to contact than yours. If you can steer me in the right direction I would be grateful. Who do I contact to give them my idea? I understand what “member states” means of course, but they aren’t exactly present on Fediverse in the first place.

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