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Congratulations, really great news

Markus Richter @cio_bund
Staatssekretär @bmi_bund | | Beauftragter der Bundesregierung für Informationstechnik wrote:

Mit wollen wir Transparenz über Lösungen der Verwaltung erhöhen und Zusammenarbeit fördern. Jetzt gilt es Leben auf die Plattform zu bringen: Teilt hier gern Lösungen, Projekte und Ideen: ! @bmi_bund

This is well-worth watching:

(skip to about 1.11:30)

Featuring Henri Verdier, Roberto Di Cosmo, Mitchell Baker and Benjamin Marteau

discussing digital commons and digital sovereignty

Nextcloud reports on our joint hackathon: goals met: adding features, attracting public services and bring developers and users together

The European Commission is honoured to be part of the global community of open source geospatial enthusiasts gathering from 22 to 28 August at the FOSS4G 2022 conference. The European Commission is contributing to the event with a full-day dedicated track.

La gazette BlueHats 🧢 n°17 est sortie !

Ce mois-ci : de l'éducation et des communs numériques, sphinx-lint, Peertube, un livre sur l'exploitation des données publiques, l'annonce de nombreux événements et la revue de presse habituelle.


ok. turns out the 15:00 *is* correct.

(but at least now we're all awake)

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And perhaps some of you are interested to join DIGIT:

Join DIGIT as an IT Service Officer, if you are into Data Network Security and Open Source!kbb7Rh

Help DIGIT transition its services towards state of the art cloud
based either On-prem, hybrid or public and Open Source software solutions following
DevSecOps and Infrastructure as a Code paradigms ...

Apply before 02 June at noon

Hello there!

The UN/EC and Moodle are coorganising a hackathon:

SS4SDG Hackathon SDG#4 - Quality Education.

The kick off will be held

* T O DA Y *

Monday 16 May - 15:00 (CET) / 9:00 (EST) / 21:00 (WA)

@Joinup_eu (FOSSEPS for "Free and Open Source Software Solutions for European Public Services") publishes a new study: "Public services need to nurture and sustain vulnerable small projects".

We agree. More on this later! cc @NLnetFDN


@EC_OSPO really nice.

For those who wanna see if its worth clicking through. I think it is 😊

Following #FOSS #funding reports and annexes can be found:

- Development of a Funding Mechanism for Sustaining Open Source Software for European Public Services

- Annex A - Existing Top Down Funding Mechanisms

- Annex B - Existing Bottom Up Funding Mechanisms

- Annex C - Non Financial Sustainability Issues and Solutions

- Funding Mechanism Study - Docx Files

- Funding Mechanism Study - ODT Files

Just so you're all aware: the annexes have been added (sometime last week). Enjoy reading!

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