1⃣ day to go before the Conference: and .

Keynote speeches by @W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com, EDPS, Ladislav Hamran, @Eurojust@twitter.com, Laura Kövesi, @EUProsecutor@twitter.com and @TZerdick@twitter.com, EDPS

🔗More info: europa.eu/!t76pJh


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that the supervises in the criminal justice area?

We supervise EUIs like @Eurojust@twitter.com & @EUProsecutor@twitter.com to be exemplary when they process to combat and prosecute serious crimes.

Discover the EDPS supervision work: europa.eu/!QgQHFg


.@cerveranavas@twitter.com "habrá que esperar para saber cuál es el impacto de las ordenes de Biden en los procedimientos de ejecución (enforcement) en curso de las autoridades de protección de datos" @SouthEUGoogle@twitter.com @USPCEU@twitter.com

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.@cerveranavas@twitter.com resalta "la importancia de una mayor convergencia y la oportunidad de desarrollar más las herramientas existentes, como la certificación"

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.@cerveranavas@twitter.com highlights the importance of greater convergence and the opportunity to develop more the existing tools, such as .

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Many new institutions recently joined , the official instance of the European Union.

This is our


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We're new here, so it's probably time! 👋

This is the official account of the @EU_Commission European Research Executive Agency.

We manage , , , and projects.

Follow us for research and innovation news, including opportunities and the latest updates from projects.

Join us and get involved in building a greener and more inclusive !

On 29/11, , @Eurojust@twitter.com and @EUProsecutor@twitter.com are hosting Conference on of in the field of .
Find out more and join us online: europa.eu/!t76pJh.
To discover more about work, visit our LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/edps 2/2

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process peoples’ data everyday. One of the ’ core tasks is to supervise them, to ensure the highest standards of protection when dealing with .

More about our work: europa.eu/!QgQHFg

Watch the video: tube.network.europa.eu/w/kU2xQ 1/2

❗️1st December, 14:30
Webinar on Central bank digital currency
Check the agenda & join the discussion on state of the art of available design options in the field of transaction validation, auditability and monitoring for privacy-enhancing solutions

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Hello ! We’re the Innovative Health Initiative, an EU public-private partnership funding health research and innovation.

Follow us for info on our funding opportunities and other activities, plus success stories from our Innovative Medicines Initiative legacy projects.

Visit our website: www.ihi.europa.eu

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Hello , Fediverse ! 🤗

We are the diplomatic service of the EU and we represent Europe across the world to defend & protect:
🛡️ Rules-based international order
🕊️ Global security &

Happy to be here and looking forward to tooting with you!

has contributed to @FTC@twitter.com call for comments on its Commercial Surveillance and Data Security .
The comments aim to foster a fruitful cross-Atlantic dialogue on the enhancement of privacy, data protection and data security.
Read here europa.eu/!MgpBVf

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Now that you're here, we're listening!

What kind of content would you like to see from us?

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How can the ensure effective enforcement of measures in the area?

In the third session, we will explore needs & challenges of coordinated supervision of judicial authorities.

More info🔗europa.eu/!t76pJh

Sooner or later, there will be an attempt to provide agencies w/ access to amassed in datasets, for very good reasons. This data will be accessible and reusable. We should be attentive as this will come with risks @W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com @PrivacyPros@twitter.com 2/2

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.@W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com at : Users shall be in a position of real control in choosing whether or not to use identification. Alternatives offered should be of the same quality as easiness to use 1/2

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