A new United Nations convention on cybercrime: fundamental rights come first
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@MAttoresi@twitter.com Our initiatives and deliverables, such as also the , are a first step towards our effort to adopt a more anticipatory approach in tackling data protection challenges @W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com @MAttoresi@twitter.com
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is working to become a smart administration in a smart environment. In this regard, we have just launched a pilot of and , two privacy-focused social media platforms - @MAttoresi@twitter.com EDPS Acting Head of Technology & Privacy
Discover social.network.europa.eu/@EDPS

Day 2 of the 30th Conference of European Data Protection Authorities begins with a panel on ', innovation, and technology monitoring', chaired by @W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com. @MAttoresi@twitter.com along with foresight experts from @ICOnews@twitter.com @Datatilsynet@twitter.com @AEPD_es@twitter.com @CNIL@twitter.com @EURightsAgency@twitter.com

@W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com moderates a panel on “Enforcement cooperation: cross-border cases and Article 50 of the , mutual assistance between EU and non-EU countries”

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The 30th European Conference of Data Protection Authorities hosted by @CroatianData@twitter.com is in full swing! This year, the two-day conference takes place in Dubrovnik, Croatia

welcomes much-needed harmonised rules on cybersecurity and information security for all EU institutions
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is best possible prelude to our own 16-17 June Conference on the Future of Data Protection - Effective enforcement in the digital world. 🔴 Visit our website and register: edpsconference2022.eu/en

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will again be represented in several high-level panels, as moderators and speakers, on many different topics: and its multiple applications, global data flows, global governance of privacy, data sovereignty with closing remarks by Supervisor @W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com

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is one of the long-time sponsors and partners @CPDPconferences@twitter.com always active, committed and engaged to raise awareness of in Europe and worldwide

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.@cerveranavas@twitter.com speaking at the press conference introducing this year’s titled Data Protection and Privacy in Transitional Times, 23-25 May in Brussels @CPDPconferences@twitter.com

Only 4 weeks to go before we meet in Brussels on 16-17 June to discuss ‘The Future of : effective in the digital world’. You can register here: edpsconference2022.eu/en/regis
Don’t miss your chance to join the debate!

Solidarity & Digital Solidarity: blogpost by @W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com about the Annual Workshop on within International Organisations held at @WFP@twitter.com in Rome last week.
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Voulez-vous en savoir plus sur comment le Médiateur européen peut vous aider ? Venez nous voir aujourd'hui, 15 mai, au stand 7 au @PEStrasbourg@twitter.com

⌚ 10h00-18h00 (Dernière entrée: 17h30)


Petra Candellier, Head of Complaints and Litigation at , and Manoj Juneja, Assistant Executive Director at
@WFP@twitter.com, final remarks at the Annual workshop on within International Organisations

.@CarmenCasadoS@twitter.com global DPO @WFP@twitter.com moderating panel discussion on Digital Transformation and with Snezana Srdic legal officer presenting some challenges on the use of cloud services

Global DPO @WFP@twitter.com, @CarmenCasadoS@twitter.com, takes part in a panel discussion on the practicalities of management at the workshop on within International Organisations

Olivier Matter, Head of International Cooperation at , moderates a session on International at 2022 Annual Workshop on within International Organisations @WFP@twitter.com

🔴Second day of the 2022 Workshop on within International Organisations at @WFP@twitter.com in Rome. Data transfers and risk management are among the subjects on the agenda today

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