launches pilot phase of two new social media platforms: and .
Based on decentralised, free, Open-Source & privacy-oriented and, they connect EU institutions with users of the
👉Press Release!8x4DBn

@EDPS I am happy that our work involving many supporters is now online for everyone. Check out the #EU in the #fediverse. 🎉 @Gargron
@joinpeertube @renatolond 🙏

@EDPS Bit ironic to link to twitter profiles here ;P

@harce @EDPS

That's what I thought😅
But the first and most important step is done.
Let's hope they change the direction of cross posting in the near future

@julele @harce
We start with a pilot project today, we'll see what the future brings 😃

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EU Voice

EU Voice is the official ActivityPub microblogging platform of the EU institutions, bodies and agencies (EUIs). Together with EU Video, it is part of an alternative social media pilot program proposed, and provided by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS).