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@EDPS Welcome! Good to see at least one government in the world understanding the value of federated social media!


EU is not a government.
It's a bunch of unelected bureaucrats pushing their will on peoples that never ask for it.
It's something more like the Politburo and the Supreme Soviet.

We should all be afraid to see them here. Regulation and less freedom coming....


@GDLL @EDPS That's great for you, but I definitely voted on my EU representatives.


Yep, like the Supreme Soviet.
Parlement in USRR.


@EDPS hello edps, can you explain the #catalangate to the defense minister of spain? she don't get it or at least don't get it publicly.

Welcome to the fediverse and congratulations for these initiatives!

@EDPS I'm trying. But the app always resets the following status. Weird

@EDPS Hi! Welcome to the #Fediverse :fedi: I have translated your press release into catalan.

La EDPS llança una fase pilot de dues plataformes de mitjans socials:

#Gemini : gemini://

Please, can you create accounts in differents languages ? (DE, EO, ES, FR, IT, PT, etc.)

@EDPS Hello to you and all of your fellow denizens. It should come as no surprise to the Fediverse that the EU has started their own microblogging service, using open source software. Yet many of us are pleasantly surprised. May your instance flourish and drive further engagement with the public.

@EDPS thanks for coming and all your work.

I value a lot your decision to come here. Also I understand that you are learning. As a programmer I am used to report mistakes... and maybe you have one.

In this toot
a person reports that the servers are in CISCO UK.
Could it be that they were bought when UK was in the EU? Can it be this GDPR compliant?


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EU Voice

EU Voice is the official ActivityPub microblogging platform of the EU institutions, bodies and agencies (EUIs). Together with EU Video, it is part of an alternative social media pilot program proposed, and provided by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS).