*** Did you know ***
All profiles on are official accounts of the EU

@EDPS No i did not, but it is extremely interesing to know.

@EDPS What does that mean in terms of Freedom of Information requests? I assume this means that all the content of Direct Messages with accounts on that instance are considered to become public record?

@fj @EDPS haha, try if you want. Was the same for Twitter or other media too, I guess. So private information is censored of course, but apart of that, I guess yeah… #FOI

@EDPS does this only apply to institutions?
or in the long term also for all employees/parliamentarians?

@EDPS are they managed by humans or by computers?

Do they answer if I ask questions?

@amreo @EDPS from what I read it depends, the EU Comission one has a Disclaimer that it currently mirrors their Twitter account.

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