@W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com: As regards transfers, as public authority is itself subject to compliance challenges eg w/ cloud services & . On alternatives to adequacy, I frankly do not believe in alternative global agreements 1/5

The served as a broad and long-term reflection on our collective approaches to . We are happy that our conference kickstarted such a debate. @W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com in conversation with B. Bellamy during @PrivacyPros@twitter.com 2/5

While I do not think that should be all responsible for all sorts of fields in digital, DPAs will be confronted with much larger responsibilities coming from different regulations. I often make a joke that “DPAs will either have to evolve or go extinct” @W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com 3/5


This is not the moment to push the narrative on the need of having DPAs as educators as alternative to enforcers. This is the moment of advancing proper of and accomplishing its mission @W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com at @PrivacyPros@twitter.com 4/5

@W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com We should focus more on the individuals - people don’t feel is really enforced @PrivacyPros@twitter.com 5/5

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