@W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com, in panel w/ @stephenbonner@twitter.com and @VivienneArtz@twitter.com moderated by @LMoerel@twitter.com, to speak about ‘Behavioural : A clash between and ?‘, and contributing with his view on the legal definition of data under 1/2


I am especially interested in the re-use of for purposes other than the original one - @W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com at the @PrivacyPros@twitter.com 2/2

@EDPS one specific field to look at with attention is #VR #virtualreality where a lot of "biometric" datas are collected, analysed and transmitted in "condensate" forms for AI training and user authentification / accommodation ... how some headsets are still sold in EU regarding GDPR is 🥶

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