pop-ups are often not compliant with the law from a technical point of view as well as in their content: are often use to deceive users @MAttoresi@twitter.com.
Read @EU_EDPB@twitter.com Guidelines on Dark patterns in social media platform interfaces edpb.europa.eu/our-work-tools/

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Panel on Privacy by Design and at - represented by @MAttoresti@twitter.com to clarify the EDPS views and guidelines on the protection of personal data processed through web services

30 years ago, academia already started studying effects of . At , we are adopting a foresight approach in order to tackle upcoming technologies that may undermine fundamental rights of individuals
europa.eu/!FMymM6 europa.eu/!YP87wU

Annual Privacy Forum 2022 - Keynote speech by @W_Wiewiorowski@twitter.com on scientific research, the role of regulators, Artificial Intelligence and enforcement. Honoured to be invited once again in such an important event to express views from

To conclude, we might not be close to reaching a self-aware with a level of consciousness similar to humans.
Still, it will not be less dangerous because of that.
In fact, they may be as dangerous to society as the people who use them: as any other technology @cerveranavas@twitter.com

Another prominent topic is the evolution of social networks into the so-called .
Metaverse will act as a digital twin to our universe, our reality and it will most probably rely on even more processing of personal data than traditional social media do @cerveranavas@twitter.com

This is why the EDPB issued Guidelines on use of Facial Recognition Technology in area of enforcement remind that Facial Recognition Technology is built on the processing of biometric data, which are special categories of personal data @cerveranavas@twitter.com

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Contrasting with @EU_EDPB@twitter.com- position on the call for a moratorium on use of remote biometric identification systems in publicly accessible spaces, we witness that more and more law enforcement authorities apply or intend to apply FRT, often resorting to @cerveranavas@twitter.com

We ask a ban on:
- remote biometric identification in publicly accessible spaces;
- facial recognition systems (FRS) categorising individuals based on their biometrics into clusters
- technologies allowing to infer emotions of a natural person
@cerveranavas@twitter.com at

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The need to ensure on the -based data processing was one of the aspects highlighted by the @EU_EDPB@twitter.com- joint opinion which envisages series of changes to ensure its full alignment with the data protection framework @cerveranavas@twitter.com

Controllers can also be affected by the lack of of systems they use, in particular when they are not sufficiently aware of their technicalities and their impact on individuals' rights @cerveranavas@twitter.com

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Annual Privacy Forum 2022 @enisa_eu@twitter.com, Director @cerveranavas@twitter.com speaking on .
It is difficult to ensure when using AI on data processing
Individuals may not be able to identify if they have been affected by an automated decision taken nor to be informed

Time to wrap up! Closing remarks by @MAttoresi@twitter.com at Workshop after 1-day of in depth discussion on digital identity with perspectives from academia, industry, privacy experts, public institutions. We are thankful to all speakers & participants of such insightful event

After hearing presentations on initiatives from & beyond, it is time to move to the last panel of Workshop on digital identity. Panellists @a_ortalda@twitter.com Luca Castellani @R_Garavaglia@twitter.com Jacoba Sieders moderated by @PDrogkaris@twitter.com to tackle future developments & foresight approach

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Afternoon session of Workshop starts now! First panel to address current developments in digital IDs and digital wallets projects with @danielapoehn@twitter.com, Ruth Puente, Dalius Kubylis, @patwalshe_@twitter.com, Jan Willemson moderated by @KampourakiDina@twitter.com
👉 uksw.webex.com/uksw-en/onstage

Invited talk Carlos Velasco presenting engineering of @ByEvolution_BCH@twitter.com and blockchain solutions

Invited talk at Workshop on Digital Identity - Marie-Charlotte Roques-Bonnet presents ID side start-up, a project that enables individuals to easily choose their preference online

What is the state of the art of privacy preserving digital IDs? Discover our excellent speakers in the first Workshop panel - @socialhack@twitter.com Rossen Naydenov @EngbrgDK@twitter.com Bart Jacobs will address data protection and privacy concerns together with moderator prof @PiotrDrobek@twitter.com

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