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On 16-17 June, the will host a conference on ‘The future of : Effective enforcement in the digital world’. Register here: and join the debate on current approaches to enforcement models.

International organisations were created to serve humankind by protecting fundamental rights, among which privacy takes a very important place. To take lessons from the painful moments and to make the world a better place 2/2

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Let's appreciate being able to meet in person, and take it as an encouragement to build an ever-stronger cooperation to overcome the challenges we all face as a global community at 1/2

I hope our revived compassion and responsibility for those in need will further blossom into a reconsideration of how we think about each other in the globalised world 2/2

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In these dangerous and uncertain times, the work of International Organisations is more essential and important than ever. Together we need to defend the attacks on multilateralism 1/2

'What's at Stake?' keynote speech at 2022 Annual Workshop on within International Organisations in Rome highlighting key EU developments and regulatory approach

🔴Workshop Data Protection within International Organisations starts now! and welcome the International Organisations
in co-hosted event on . Strengthening to protect fundamental rights and opening the Annual Workshop on within International Organisations. Over 50 IOs attending!

AI systems may exacerbate or perpetuate gender discrimination. Awareness and proper supervision are necessary to mitigate risks - Director at University of Salamanca conference

'Intelligencia Artificial & Género: Brechas, sesgos y
nuevas formas de desigualdad' - Director Progress in requires equal progress in regulation and supervision. Faith in technology is pointless without responsible governance and ethical behaviours

11 May 2022
Intelligencia Artificial & Género: Brechas, sesgos y
nuevas formas de desigualdad - Director to speak in event organised by University of Salamanca on perspectives regulating

Today, on 9 May, we celebrate . Europe is about freedom and peace and the of , and that have never been more important than now. 2/2

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On 9 May 1950 Robert Schuman set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, which would make war between Europe’s nations unthinkable. This proposal is considered to be the beginning of what is now the . 1/2

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Our doors are open!

If you are in Brussels, join us at the Berlaymont building to learn more about our daily work and take part in the many activities we have planned for you. We are here until 18.00!

Come check our stand at Berlaymont building in Brussels, let’s exchange views on the EDPS pilot project on the fediverse

Today is ! The and team is ready to welcome you at our stand at the Digital Village in the Berlaymont Building. If you are in Brussels come and visit us to enjoy our interactive activities. Join us in celebrating !

The EU’s Data Act: data protection must prevail to empower data subjects – Read the - Joint Opinion!vR7DJB and Press Release!HHGhFR

is just around the corner and we will celebrate it on 7 May at our stand at the Digital Village in Berlaymont Building, Brussels. Come to visit our stand & learn more about in the . More:

Investing in is worthwhile. @EDPS_director Leonardo Cervera Navas speaks about 'how privacy became mission critical' at the panel discussion organised by Cisco

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