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The served as a broad and long-term reflection on our collective approaches to . We are happy that our conference kickstarted such a debate. in conversation with B. Bellamy during 2/5

Show thread As regards transfers, as public authority is itself subject to compliance challenges eg w/ cloud services & . On alternatives to adequacy, I frankly do not believe in alternative global agreements 1/5

The should serve as an example of , effective and proper balance between the interests of the individual data subjects and the shared interest of society as a whole.

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Director is discussing today the European Health Data Space and at the working seminar organised by the Cátedra de Privacidad y Transformación Digital Microsoft-Universitat de València at the headquarters meeting with Chief Privacy Officer to discuss the need for centric approaches in 's current initiatives and agree on transparency being core to ongoing and future projects meets with, Chairwoman, to exchange views on PCLOB's advisory and oversight function in the new US Executive Orders in the context of the proposed upcoming -U.S. Data Privacy Framework Immense accumulation of power & wealth through excessive is a problem for , & our societies. Genuine “generosity” among enforcers is needed to assess harms in a systemic way, understand abuse of power & protect privacy better 3/3

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In some instances and in relation to some societal groups, is not functioning as a , but rather as a privilege for the few. in special address at Women in Privacy 2/3

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Women in featuring a special address by member of cabinet, 'Women’s success is always a collective one. We win as long as we win together' 1/3

Unequal access to are something the still must work on. Insufficient enforcement of the , especially in terms of individual complaints, creates a risk of abandoning those whose has been violated 4/4

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The world of today still marginalizes large parts of communities - through language, through populism, fears and prejudices, through the blind belief in exclusively beneficial outcomes of new technologies 3/4

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While in jurisprudence “vulnerability” relates to somehow precarious conditions of the individual, it is in fact a universal human condition 2/4

Show thread giving keynote speech at the Brussels Privacy Symposium “Vulnerable People, Marginalization, and Data Protection” organised by (VUB) and (FPF) 1/4 meeting with, Chief Privacy Officer, to discuss the need for by design and default in and a common taxonomy of standards and principles


What are the challenges of investigating crimes against the ’s financial interests?

Join our second panel to learn more about work and role as supervisory authority.

Register here!t76pJh

"Cybersecurity of products with digital elements is important to protect individuals’ fundamental rights, including rights to privacy and data protection" - writes in Press Release!R3yT7D & Opinion!RDxBPc

We're proud to announce that, member of the Cabinet, has received the W@Privacy Award in the 'Rising Star' category! supports and promotes women working in the fields of and . Congratulations to Isabel on this recognition!👏

EDPS Opinion out now➡️!WfN3Kw. Read our recommendations on the exchange of information in electronic registers concerning economic operators moving excise goods between EU Member States for commercial purposes.

Conference: Participate in the debate on in the age of digitalisation & war.
In this first session, we will discuss implications of the new legislative framework & possible safeguards.
More info👉!t76pJh

EU Media Freedom Act: EDPS calls for better protection for all journalists and a ban on highly advanced military-grade spyware. Read Press Release!jPnc7R & Opinion!jfCcjG

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