Hello , Fediverse ! 🤗

We are the diplomatic service of the EU and we represent Europe across the world to defend & protect:
🛡️ Rules-based international order
🕊️ Global security &

Happy to be here and looking forward to tooting with you!

@EEAS Mastodon is a challenging platform. I can only see this post because I proactively added an EU server instance to a mobile app where I can swap between servers to find content. On mastodon, if you are a passive user, you will miss most of it.

@EEAS @foorack Because I want to connect with different people to improve the diversity of thought and learn from others and avoid the dangers of group thinking when associated to a sole instance.

@Tribo @EEAS No what I meant is that I don't need to "switch between instances" in order to see other content. I have no problem with seeing EU posts without having to take any extra action. What app are you using?

@EEAS La langue principale de la diplomatie devrait etre le français, non ?

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