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Hi everyone! We are really happy to be on Mastodon... but also that Mastodon is on the EUIPO (as a registered EU Trade Mark ➡️ )

Follow us and get all the toots with information, news, projects, developments, reports and curiosities about Intellectual Property (trade marks, copyright, designs, GIs...).

Do not be scared with the topic, we are sure it will surprise you!

And be patience with us, we are still learning 😉

10 European inventions/innovations you might not know they were European:

🇮🇹 The DeLorean.
🇵🇱 The bullet proof vest.
🇪🇸 The space suit.
🇫🇷 The cinematograph.
🇭🇺 The Rubik Cube.
🇩🇪 Apple's ‘Snow white’ language.
🇮🇹 The electric battery.
🇸🇪 The Tetra Brik.
🇩🇰 The Loudspeaker.
🇧🇪 The saxophone.

Learn more here:

Murano glass, Donegal tweed, Porcelaine de Limoges, Solingen cutlery.. they are all products that rely on the originality & authenticity of traditional practices from their regions.

@EU_Commission presented the 1st ever EU framework to protect the intellectual property of European craft and industrial products.

Objectives: benefit producers, increase trust + guaranteeing authenticity.

The EUIPO will play a key role in the system.


40 years ago today, 'Thriller' was released, becoming the best-selling album of all time.

Michael Jackson's estate owns several registered trade marks in the EU, among them his signature and the nickname 'King of Pop'

Find them all on eSearch, the EU trade marks database -

We are happy to announce that the 2023 edition of the DesignEuropa Awards ceremony will take place in Berlin!

Appointed a City of Design by UNESCO in 2006.

Capital of the second leading country protecting designs at EU level, having filed more than 12,000 RCDs so far in 2022.

Applications and nominations for your favourite design or designer can be submitted via the DesignEuropa Awards website

Two paddles, a ball and endless fun back in the old days.

Pong, one of the very first video games, turns 50 today.

Video games draw on the worlds of both technology and creativity. And combine multiple art forms and Intellectual Property Rights involved.

If interested in playing the IP game, we have a free course for you -

EU Intellectual property law | The proposals for a revised Regulation and Directive on industrial designs just published.

The two proposals will be transmitted to the European Parliament and the Council for adoption (they will have to be approved by EU countries).

Find all the details via this link:

'Dinosaur poo' can be an exciting present for the kids, now that Christmas is around the corner.

But whatever you buy, please be aware that fake toys can harm you and those you love the most.

Toys are among the most common counterfeit products encountered in Europe.

Find here a 3 step guide on how to identify them (by Europol)

Is your design making a positive impact or do you know a company whose design is bringing added value to the market?

Submit your application/nomination for the next edition of the Awards:

You peel them, chop them, slice them, grate them, sear them, bake them, bite them and taste them.

The 🇪🇺 Geographical Indications system protects them.

The EUIPO assits in the examination of GI files.

And GIview gives you the most complete worldwide data.

Two years since we launched, together with @EU_Commission , the most complete and reliable database worldwide for GIs.

More than 4 years helping out with GIs (that are IP rights)

Please, be careful with fakes during 'Black friday'

Whether you are shopping online or in physical stores, watch out for counterfeits.

They could ruin your shopping and your health.

In the images, some of the main risks identified in the OECD - EUIPO joint report.

Full report here (PDF)

This is how our website looked like in 1999. We even had a GIF...

For info: web design(s) can be protected as an intellectual property right. And beyond protection for your has some benefits.

Find out more registering your design here

% of young people by EU country who decided to download/use pirated content:

🇲🇹 43%
🇧🇪 29%
🇫🇷 29%
🇪🇪 29%
🇱🇺 28%
🇮🇪 28%
🇭🇷 28%
🇨🇿 27%
🇨🇾 26%
🇪🇸 25%
🇬🇷 25%
🇱🇻 25%
🇮🇹 24%
🇳🇱 22%
🇸🇮 20%
🇵🇱 19%
🇱🇹 19%
🇸🇪 19%
🇩🇰 19%
🇦🇹 18%
🇫🇮 17%
🇭🇺 17%
🇸🇰 17%
🇵🇹 17%
🇧🇬 16%
🇷🇴 14%
🇩🇪 12%

Source: Intellectual Property and Youth Scoreboard 2022.

All the data and more information via this link

If interested in the fascinating world of trade marks, designs, copyright...check out the EUIPO Academy.

🔸 A wide range of topics to choose from.
🔸 Beginner, intermediate & advanced level.
🔸 Free, 24/7 access.
🔸 With certificate.

We have more than 850 online courses on Intellectual Property available.

Quoting the author is enough to use photos or music copyright protected? Who owns your work when you upload it to a platform?

Well, it depends. It depends on the work, the country, the plattform... so there's no short answer. Or not one that fits in a we have collected some by country.

FAQs on copyright in your country (or any other EU country) available here

Created in 1919 during the silent film era, Felix the Cat is considered the first animated cartoon character that grew into a cultural icon.

Then came Bugs Bunny, Mickey, the Smurfs...

Many famous cartoon characters are not only protected by copyright, but also registered as EU trade marks.

To prevent unauthorised use, but also to license the rights for merchandising (toys, clothes, jewellery...).

More about IP & cartoon characters intellectual-property-helpdesk

The EUIPO is increasingly receiving trade mark applications containing terms relating to virtual goods and non-fungible tokens ().

EUTM applications using NFTs: 2432.
EUTM applications using metaverse: 206.

Is the current IP legal framework fit for NFTs, virtual goods and the metaverse?

IP and the metaverse: new problems, new rules? By Eleonora Rosati here:

🔴 Vacancy notice | Enforcement Officer (Temporary Agent AD 6).

The EUIPO is organising a selection procedure in order to constitute a reserve list from which to fill vacant posts of Enforcement Officer (Police Expert) in the Observatory Department.

Deadline: 8 December 2022.

To apply, click here:

🔴 26 800 tonnes of fake food seized.
🥃 15 million litres of alcoholic beverages.
⛔ About 74 000 checks.
🚔 80 arrest warrants.
👮‍♀️ 137 individuals reported to judicial authorities.
👩‍⚖️ 175+ criminal cases and 2078 administrative cases opened.
🕵️ 8 criminal networks disrupted.

From rotten tuna to fake spirits or counterfeit vitamins.

Learn about Europol 's latest seizure in a major operation supported by the EUIPO here

This Casio Calculator was the first design registered at the EUIPO

Then it came the Moka pot by Bialetti, the Vespa by Piaggio & many other iconic designs.

If you register your design in the EU you can get protection for up to 25 years.

One single application to be protected in all EU countries (current and future).

All the information here:

Making out-of-commerce works - books, photos, films- available to the general public.

A database that contributes to preserving European cultural heritage.

The EUIPO launched the Out-of-Commerce Works Portal in June 2021 to help the exchange of information between European cultural heritage organisations.

Today, the portal contains over 920.000 literary and audio-visual works:

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