Did you know that Harry Potter is one of the most IP-protected fictional characters?

, in 1997 the first book of the saga created by J.K. Rowling was published. Today, there are +60 trade marks registered at EU level related to the saga.


An innovative platform that will authenticate products and exchange data between all parties in the supply and logistics chain.

Fighting fakes, block by block. A step closer to solving counterfeiting threat by using blockchain.


Summer time is around the corner. If you are looking for ways to entertain the kids, check out our ‘Creativity Diary’!

Design a t-shirt, invent an app, create a video game.... 21 activities for 21 days.

Available in 23 languages ideaspowered.eu/en/our-project

Join the most innovative Intellectual Property Office in the world! The EUIPO is looking for IT Specialists (Temporary Agent - AD6)

📆 Deadline for applications: 11 July 2022
Number of candidates on 'reserve list': 45.

Selection criteria & how to apply: euipo.europa.eu/ohimportal/en/

Happy Statehood Day, Slovenia! Vesel dan državnosti!🇸🇮 🇪🇺

Slovenia joined the EU in 2004 in the biggest enlargement in history.

The country counts +4000 EUTMs, +2 000 RCDs & +40 GIs - Kranjska klobasa , Istarski pršut, Slovenski med...all on GIview tmdn.org/giview/

The Dutch Supreme Court ruled that the use of a doppelganger can constitute a violation of image rights.

The story involves Max Verstappen, a Verstappen lookalike, Jumbo supermarkets, Picnic (an online supermarket) and a video.

Find it all here: euipo.europa.eu/ohimportal/en/

7th session: Boosting the Attractiveness of IP Rights in Food and Beverages.

It will cover these aspects in the realm of trade marks and GIs, with an emphasis on the interactions and challenges between these IP rights and the GI Reform.

@Ire_Calboli@twitter.com is the Panel Leader

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6th session: Rolling Out Automotive Intellectual Property.

We will be discussing the impact of IP issues and challenges for the automotive industry, primarily in the field of trade marks, patents and design, in light of the recent Design Reform.

Amedeo M. Vanara as Panel Leader

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5th session: Challenges in the Digital Age.

How artificial intelligence can be used in public administration and in trade mark law, whether technology created by machines can be protected and some related topics.

With @MarionWalsmann@twitter.com, @AxelVossMdEP@twitter.com ,...

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@EU_Growth@twitter.com @CPVOTweets@twitter.com @MaxW_88@twitter.com @ManagingIP@twitter.com @eLAWnora@twitter.com @JNurt@twitter.com @yannbasire@twitter.com @vojtechchloupek@twitter.com 4th session: Nurturing the Value of Healthcare and Wellness

IP was challenged by the pandemic. The panel will lead the journey into new concepts that emerged. From Pharmaceutical Trade Marks to Justifications for Non-Use.

Speakers from @WIPO@twitter.com @uspto@twitter.com @OEPM_es@twitter.com...

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@EU_Growth@twitter.com @CPVOTweets@twitter.com @MaxW_88@twitter.com @ManagingIP@twitter.com 3rd session: Intersecting IP Rights in Culture, Fashion and Entertainment

The session will deal with IP rights in relation to press, art, sports or music, among others.

Speakers include Partners from IP protection firms and professors from Stockholm and Strasbourg Universities

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2nd session: Sustainability and the Greening of Intellectual Property.

From Eco-friendly plant varieties to cannabis trade marks and relevant Case Law.

Speakers include representatives of @EU_Growth@twitter.com , the @CPVOTweets@twitter.com and the EUIPO.

@MaxW_88@twitter.com, from @ManagingIP@twitter.com, is Panel Leader

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1st session: General Court Proceedings.

Current procedural and substantive questions of EU courts’ case-law in trade mark and design matters.

From amplification’ of Pleas to overprotection of Weak Marks.

Speakers include judges and référendaires of EU courts.

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IP Case Law conference | 7-8 July
📍 Alicante (& online)

With an all-star conference faculty from leading Intellectual Property offices, lawmakers, judges, academics, lawyers...

Registration open until 26 June euipo.europa.eu/ohimportal/en/

Here below sessions, panels & speakers 👇

The 5 largest IP design offices in the world (ID5) met -at our premises- to discuss NFTs, the Metaverse, big data, blockchain, AI, digital designs... and challenges for IP.

🇪🇺 The EUIPO
🇯🇵 @JPO_JPN@twitter.com
🇰🇷 @kipoworld@twitter.com
🇺🇸 @uspto@twitter.com
& 🌍@WIPO@twitter.com (observer)


@BOIPnews@twitter.com Luxembourg has 6 GIs registered.

🍯 Miel
🍴 Salaisons fumées
🧈 Beurre rose
🥂 Moselle Luxembourgeoise

Find them all on GIview, the most complete and reliable Geographical Indications database worldwide tmdn.org/giview/

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🇪🇺🇱🇺 Happy National Day, Luxembourg! E schéinen Nationalfeierdag Lëtzebuerg!

One of the founding members of the EU, it has more than 15 000 EU trade marks and over 7 000 designs registered since the EUIPO opened its doors.

Max Walters (@MaxW_88@twitter.com), Senior Reporter of @ManagingIP@twitter.com will be Panel Leader for the session on 'Sustainability and the Greening of IP'

With bits about cannabis trade marks, ‘greenwashing’ and much more.

Do not miss the IP Case Law conference.
You still have time to register.

"Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder... but we also really believe that it is more fun to operate something that is good-looking, effective, easy to use..."

Peter Ziese, Head of Clinical Strategy & Innovation @Philips@twitter.com and winner of on the importance of design.

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