Hey , this is Prague calling!

We're thrilled to be part of and support the @EDPS in this new venture. @EU_Commission

This is an official account, managed by our social media ninjas!

Let us introduce ourselves with a video 😎

More content to come 🛰️🌎


@EUSPA Kind of funny to see you're here already. My better half does the mission planning for #Galileo, and started as MD LEOP not so long ago. Since she's not here, I can't tag her in, of course.

It's very nice seeing you here. I can't bring myself to use the birdsite or any similar, so perhaps this way I can keep a little up-to-date with what's happening :)


@jens this is such a nice coincidence! we'll be glad to keep you updated here from now on☺️

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