We want to welcome on board all the new followers, thanks for coming!

We are EUSPA, the EU Agency for the Space Programme. We're learning our way around here too, but you can expect from us to keep you updated on , projects, opportunities, and the Agency's mission.

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Now that you're here, we're listening!

What kind of content would you like to see from us?

@EUSPA anime screenshots, this is the fediverse after all

@EUSPA earth/environment programs, observation, etc.

... and rockets 🚀 and space-thingies 🛰️

@ghose nice approach! thanks for the input, we'll try to bring those to the timeline😀

@EUSPA to me the choices of the poll are not very understandable


1- Posts about the Agency, what we're doing, what our role in the EU is, visits we receive, what is our Executive Director doing
2- Info about the Programme, its components (Galileo, EGNOS, Copernicus, GOVSATCOM...), opportunities it offers (for businesses, procurements, vacancies)
3- events we're at, or that we're organising
4- You let us know what you would like to see, it can be all of the above

@EUSPA @nulll Option nummer 4 sounds good: all of the above plus maybe a little about the European ecosystem.

@EUSPA I voted "other" because there was no option "all of the above" ;)

@EUSPA all of them, honestly (maybe checkboxes would have been a better choice for this poll)

@darkwiiplayer thank you for the feedback! We didn't see the option to change it, but we'll keep it in mind next time. Thank you! ☺️

@EUSPA The UX is a bit bad tbh; you have to click on one of the boxes while creating the poll, but there's absolutely no hint that you can do that.

@EUSPA I'd love to see some space and rockets. But also behind the scenes, the every day. Not just executives and meetings though.

I want to know what it's like to work at the EUSPA. Like, what do you do all day? Do you build rockets, monitor the weather, design climate models, write policys about housing-zones on the moon? I don't know, but I wanna 😊
Give us different perspectives.

#Perspectives and #spaceships ☕️🚀🛰

@openess thanks for the input, we'll try to give new perspectives of !☺️

For space and rockets, you'd have to go to ESA since we don't work with space exploration, but as far as we know they're not on the Fediverse yet.

We're the EU Agency in charge of implementing the EU Space Programme, we provide services based on space data from Galileo and Copernicus, and we promote their commercialisation.

You can find more info here: euspa.europa.eu/about/what-we-

@EUSPA Oh, I just guessed that the #EU #space programme worked with rockets, shows what I know 😉🙄

I'm not all about the commercialisation of space, you'd have to do some serious convincing to get me onboard with that 😉. But I'm looking forward to fresh perspectives from the EU space peogramme nevertheless.

Looking forward to your future content

ps. please tell #ESA to get on here 😉 ds.

@openess The EU Space Programme includes some flagship programmes based on Earth Observation, satellite navigation, and protected & secured communications (here's more info: euspa.europa.eu/european-space , don't miss the factsheet at the bottom, it's very visual!)

Regarding commercialisation, what we mean is to bring to the market and the users all the services and data that space enables, nothing like privatising space ;)

@EUSPA That's good to know. So long as you're not about privatising we can be great friends 👋😊

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