Internet must reinforce our core democratic principles and our fundamental freedoms.

The EU, the US and several partners proposed a Declaration for the Future of Internet to make it safe and trusted for everyone, and to ensure that it serves our individual freedom.

@EU_Commission Vamos ahí Argentinaaaa, el diegote, fulbo, las malvinas, messi, bariloche, mafalda, dulce de leche, colectivo 🇦🇷

@EU_Commission I like the "open", "free", and "interoperable" keywords, I do hope your welcome presence on the Fediverse is only the first step in this direction! :)

By the way, would it be possible for you to caption you images so that people using screen readers can get the content?

(you can do it via the "edit" button when you upload an image)

@tfardet @EU_Commission The DMA already started by mandating interoperability for chat applications (so you'll be able to use Signal to message someone using Whatsapp, for example)

@jmcs @EU_Commission it was still unclear for me whether that was really acted and would be legally binding, do you have some sources?

@tfardet @EU_Commission @tfardet @EU_Commission the final version is still not approved, but there's an agreement that it's going to binding for big companies like Meta, Google, and Apple (

@jmcs @tfardet @EU_Commission how is the EU going to force GAFAM to open up their APIs? it is easy for them to refuse invoking systems security etc..

@panda @tfardet @EU_Commission if companies don't comply they can get fines up to 6% of the global yearly revenue.

@jmcs @tfardet @EU_Commission That works for us as software companies in the EU but for US based corp. they don't even pay their fair share of taxes here, so forcing them to open their systems is far from reach. GDPR was good for users but the penalties are not enough for GAFAM..

@EU_Commission it would be great for accessibility if those images had alt text :)

@EU_Commission a step in the correct direction. Internet should never be controlled and monopolized

@EU_Commission this is great! I hope to see you maybe link graphics like this in a website instead, because being able to add adequate image describtions to these are going to be hard.

I hope you manage to settle in safely. 🙏

@EU_Commission Not a bad start but A few conspicuous absences/ambiguities about what constitutes Free, Open & Private - the devil is in the details on these points. Also if Taiwan is an international partner I'm surprised Audrey Tang didn't tell you we should aspire to media competency not just literacy.


"Born out of a black box, with unclear authorship, and not opened for consultation by stakeholders in civil society, so far as we can see, the statement lacks a supportive coalition and the input that leads to meaningful change."

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