We have informed Apple of our preliminary view that it abused its dominant position in markets for mobile wallets on iOS devices.

Our preliminarily findings show that Apple may have restricted competition, to the benefit of its solution Apple Pay.


until when will Apple have to answer or do they not have to answer on the information you gave them?
The power of the big tech companies is way to high. It's good to see that you do at least show them some borders.

@EU_Commission #Apple abuses his dominant position on #iOS devices.

➡ Stores. No other stores allowed.
➡ Application sideloading. Prohibited.
➡ Wallets. No other wallets allowed.
➡ Web browsers. All browsers have to use Apple's WebKit engine.
➡ Multimedia formats. Only patented codecs allowed. #AV1, #VP9, #Opus, #Ogg, #Theora, #MKV… are not supported. You can't even synchronize those types of files.

There are many things which Apple does not sanction and for which artificially locks down its devices. They are doing the same Microsoft did and still does in many aspects: be incompatible with others as much as they can in order to force their own standard, in the case of multimedia win money through patent royalties, and maintain vendor lock-in. They admitted the latter for iMessage:

@EU_Commission thanks EU. You’re truly trailblazing a path for a better and more consumer friendly world. Even for those outside of the EU.

@EU_Commission Apple restricting competition??? Wash your mouth out with soap and water. Saint Tim would never do such a horrid thing. Besides, even if Saint Tim deviated from the true path, our lord on high who watches over us still from silicon heaven, Steve the great and mighty, would guide him back to the true way.

@EU_Commission Keep up the amazing work.
Large corporations will always push to the boundaries of what's legal, and over that boundary unless the government pushes back.

Regulation & enforcement is needed to keep the economy, marketplace, & capitalism in general flourishing.

@brjaded @EU_Commission @techlore @surveillancepod We typically don't cover anti-trust stories as they're not typically directly related to privacy & security. But thanks for the alert!

@thenewoil @EU_Commission @techlore @surveillancepod Gotcha, I was just wondering whether it would fit into the politics section, or maybe even miscellaneous? But if not that's fair enough. No worries 👍🏼

@EU_Commission these are the reasons I use an iOS device instead of setting myself on fire in android hell.

@EU_Commission I guess the issue is that Apple Pay is the only wallet that can use the Secure Enclave on the iPhone. Access for other developers would have to be heavily scrutinized since that is the key to iPhone security. Password managers are on iOS, but they don’t use the Secure Enclave. Loyalty cards are also allowed via apps.

You guys are the reason the US dominates your tech industry. Get off my feed, you bunch of vampires.

@EU_Commission Love seeing this. Hopefully other countries will follow. I wonder if USA tries to protect Apple somewhat.

@EU_Commission Good EU!!!

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