▫ Listing of high-ranking military officers
▫ De-swifting major Russian banks
▫ Banning state-owned broadcasters
▫ Phasing out Russian oil

Today we are presenting the 6th package of sanctions.

Speech by at .

@EU_Commission This is a great start!

Next, let's phase out all oil and put Europe on the path to energy independence via renewables. Let's also be more inclusive of persons from across the world who are fleeing conflict and persecution.


The early sanctions did have an impact, but I'm not sure this 6th one carries any amount of punch, especially after alleged Russian war crimes, crimes against humanity, targeting civilians, and threats of the use of WMDs, as well as instigating unrest in neighbouring republics.

Since Putin is fond of big words and gestures, perhaps locking borders and placing Russia on the terror watch list, with all of what that entails, would be apropos.

#StandWithUkraine #terrorwatchlist

@EU_Commission Please, give it a try to livestream these videos on your PeerTube server as well. Thanks!

@tagomago @EU_Commission

The operators of #EUVideo plan tests of live broadcasting with @joinpeertube in the near feature. Give them a bit of time! #peertube

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