Aware of anyone violating EU sanctions on Russia or Belarus?

We have created an online tool for whistle-blowers to contact us and report violations of EU sanctions.

Make a report πŸ‘‰

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@EU_Commission Going to do that! We have experience with that here in Germany. :)


One question: will these whistleblowers have to report breaches of EU sanctions from outside the country of the whistleblower, in order to be protected (as is the case for whistleblowers reporting breaches of the law within companies)?



Because the great specialty (of the 10% of whistleblowers who decide to do so) is to launch a procedure from the UK, because it costs a fortune to follow a trial there, which is one of the goals of the procedure: to ruin the whistleblower.

So if the EU recognises the benefit of whistleblowers, why not treat them all equally? Why not protect them regardless of the country from which they are blowing the whistle?


Hey nicecrew! If you send bullshit to this tips line some EU zogbot will have to read it.
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