Child sexual abuse is a real and growing danger.
📈 More than 2 million children are being affected every year.

We are proposing new rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse online. ⬇️

Tech companies have the skills and technology to detect abuse, and they should be responsible for reporting it.

Our new proposal sets obligations for companies to detect and report the abuse of children, with strong safeguards guaranteeing privacy of all.

A new EU Centre to online will help EU countries, companies and local authorities to:
🔹 Establish robust prevention measures
🔹 Ensure that offenders are brought to justice
🔹 Support victims

Learn more⮕!4CDyNK

@EU_Commission Support victims in third place? Should be in First place ... IMHO

@maholtz @EU_Commission I think it isn't about protecting victims at all, that's why they didn't dare to rank it higher after all.


Crimes don't occur "online", crimes are perpetrated by real offenders.

You can increase staffing and budget of specific police units and general prevention if you really think there's a problem, but policing by "AI" is a sure way to automatic false accusations, with fatal consequences you will be responsible for.

But I assume you've been told that a thousand times already, and have developed a thick skin instead of a conscience. Clowns

@EU_Commission AI detection doesn't work 100% of the times... Remember when FB tagged sculptures as nudity? Can *context* be understood? What happens in case of false positives? I'd prefer a Report button in public social networks that users can click. In private messages, it's impossibile since files can be zipped and encrypted so that only the recipient can access them... So, please, take note of these points!

@EU_Commission The fact that you want to erode kids' privacy to 'help' them shows you don't want people to know that most kids are abused at home, not online, by people they know, in environments set up for them to fail. What you're doing right now is set up an online environment where they will get abused again in the future. You need to do the work where it matters, with families and kids. And not online first.

@EU_Commission I’m not sure that’s strictly true. Detecting abuse is INCREDIBLY difficult to do reliably. If you depend on automated “AI” systems perpetrators will learn to get around them. If you use human moderators there is too much content to manually review and the mental health tole on moderators is devastating.

More needs to be done, but we can’t flippantly make directives & then make it tech companies problem to implement. You must with *with* them.


Everyone is responsible for reporting crime when they see it. You just want to have more influence on Big Tech to steer the opinions of the citizens.

@EU_Commission it's not tech companies that should make the police, and EU should better invest in it's democratic police system rather than privatizing it like this.

surveillance state is not the solution, and you can't protect privacy while in the same time watching everybody.
#chatcontrol is wrong !

@Olm_e @EU_Commission
Elon Musk, c'est type qui a dépensé 43 milliards de dollars pour acheter un truc obsolète ?
Thierry Breton, c'est le type qui perd son temps et l'argent du contribuable pour tenter de réguler le bidule obsolète acheté par le premier ?

@EU_Commission This thread on the bird site by a renowned professor of cryptotraphy about this ill-conceived proposal is worth the read You can’t implement this without eroding the #privacy and security of all citizens.

@EU_Commission privacy is what everybody needs. Especially victims that rely on confidential ways to communicate. Companies being in the position of being a possible privacy breach is a problem.

#chatcontrol is wrong!
No you're not. You're causing chilling effect for the majority by asking major tech companies to censor chat and media, while real sex abusers set up their own services to share CSAMs. THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE, STOP THIS BULLSHIT.

@Orca @EU_Commission
Not to mention all the ring leaders are high officials above the law 😩

@EU_Commission the basic problem is, that by doing this you allow, no, you require companies to establish the means of analysing private data thus establishing a new attack vector against privacy breaches. The major problem then is the sheer breadth of data/people being affected. Probability * quantity > 1 - i.e. it is certain that based upon such requirements misusage will happen.

@EU_Commission since you‘re „a tech company“ with you running this instance, care to share the exact plans how will implement this regulation on your server on a technical and legal level?

@EU_Commission Except they don't because their algorithms rely on known content that is spread by abusers, but it won't detect any new content that might even be being shared through other channels to begin with.

Please cease this.

The only thing those algorithms are good for, is to open backdoors for third parties to spy on our chat logs. Pretty much the European version of pegasus, but legal and implemented as a feature on all IM software.

The best way to prevent child abuse is good parenting, instead of parents giving phones with internet access to 5yo children who might become prey to predators on the internet.
@EU_Commission And on that note, I believe you should hire people to assist you on taking the right decissions when it comes to technology in general, rather than letting politicians take them on political grounds. Politicians might be good on doing politics, but not on taking decissions about technology, which clearly you do not understand. Would you also take medical decissions? Then, why do you take technology related decissions? Get some real experts to assist you in taking those decissions first.

And for the love of god, listen to what people tells you. But not just for whatever your interests are, but in general.


Not just to spy, but to create false accusation against any #activist, #journalist or annoying #politician out there.

Planting Undetectable #Backdoors in #MachineLearning Models

And if you think this is paranoic, read something about #Assange.


@enigmatico @EU_Commission
> protecting privacy
> saying companies have a duty to spy on users for the government

at this point we should just tell everyone who works for the EU to kill themselves

@EU_Commission Please be absolutely precise in what you understand under "tech companies", also provide some form of evidence about the claim that "skills and tech to detect abuse" somehow already is there or can be introduced and maintained by anyone running any server where individuals can exchange information. The intention is obviously good, but the proposal so naive and far reaching, I can only oppose because it could fundamentally destroy the Internet as we know it.

@EU_Commission there is no way you can at the same time safeguard privacy *and* require surveillance. Child abuse is indesputably horrific, and should be fought on all fronts. But using it to masquerade your own political surveillance agenda is just sooo plain wrong. These are the very political maneuvers by which you actively destroy what remains of people's faith in Europe. Thanks.


Look, this is nothing more than invasion of Privacy and the MEP's should be all endeavouring to stop this once and for all now.

Please retract this before you embarrass yourselves to the rest of the world.


"Tech companies have the skills and technology to detect abuse"

No, they don't. Just listen to experts in the field, you insufferable clowns.

@EU_Commission By which I mean *independent* experts, not the fucking Fakebook head of Marketing you prefer to talk to instead of @edri @fiff @chaosupdates who could actually point you to some people who know a thing or two about statistics and ML


Read the independent reports on the Berlin Südkreuz #Precrime project and tell me why it should be any different. Wishing for "AI" to work doesn't make it so. In related news, wishing for Santa Claus to appear also doesn't.

But I know you ain't gonna do it. Some of you are too stupid to care. Some are too spineless. And a few are just scheming turds who're in it for the power and will happily use any excuse to destroy civil liberties if it suits your political agenda.


With the very same skill&technology - tech companies could detect corruption - and therefore the worst attack on democracy

With the same skill&technology - tech companies could identify people who disturb the "public order".

With the same skill&technology - tech companies can detect people who vote the wrong party

With the same skill&technology - tech companies can detect people who have the wrong opinion


@EU_Commission I like the concept of what you are trying to do. My problem lies with the implementation. Backdooring encryption is naïve at best, disastrous at worst.

@EU_Commission This type of mass surveillance is a horrible idea. It just won't work and requires that absolutely everything on user devices is scanned and potentially being reported to some state authority.

@christian Yup, all it talkes is for someone in power to flip a metaphorical switch to turn it into an Orwellian nightmare.

@EU_Commission I doubt you are aware of the consequences to far-reaching consequences of your proposal. These are not about technology, but basic rights like privacy of correspondence. #chatcontrol

It's not the responsibility of a state or a company to control what their citiziens are writing in their private chats. That not your buisness. There is a reason, why it's called "private" and it should stay that way

@EU_Commission Isn't Ukraine fighting a regime right now that uses the exact same methods of mass surveillance? Hiding this "Big Brother" approach behind the claim to prevent crimes is preposterous

@EU_Commission Das aufbrechen von privaten, verschlüsselten Nachrichten ist eine rote Linie die in einer freien Demokratie niemals (verdachtsunabhängig) überschritten werden darf! - Und wenn es darum gehen soll Kinder zu schützen, dann bitte dafür sorgen dass es endlich ausreichend Pädagogen und Sozialarbeiter gibt und Medienkompetenzunterricht ab der Grundschule.

@BerndWa @EU_Commission

Dass all das in dem Entwurf fehlt, beweist, dass es mitnichten um den Schutz von Kindern geht. Oder sehr eindimensional gedacht worden ist.


please do everyone the favor:

stop making fools of yourselves, just retract this embarassing directive of yours and donate to a charity that helps abuse victims instead.

That'll actually be a lot more helpful.

@EU_Commission most children are raped by family members or priests of their religion. You would help more by investigating the german catholic church than making the private chats of millions of people effectivly public.

@EU_Commission You know what'd work even better to stop child abuse? Legalizing child porn and child sex relations and treating sex abuse what it is; Sexually induced injury or mental trauma none of which is inherent to having sex with cute kids.

@EU_Commission And how is banning encryption supposed to help us with that?

@oklomsy @EU_Commission it won’t. It will just push abusers off mainstream platforms into even harder to find places. This will do very little to make a meaningful difference. It’s just like the UK government’s absurd approach. These governing bodies are making dangerous decisions without fully understanding the technology and, critically, the culture driving it.

@oklomsy @EU_Commission I think we should be fair and admit that it can help. But it would help in the same way as proactively putting every citizen in prison would reduce overall crime.

Just because it can help doesn't mean that it should be done.

@loke @oklomsy @EU_Commission No, it won't help, because there will always be ways to bypass the ban, and you be sure as hell the they, the EU bureaucrats are already planning on doing it. They're the number one child trafficking organization in the world.
@EU_Commission now please do not use any of this as an excuse against encryption and privacy like i heard many times before from other places o:

And general surveillance is the solution? All EU-citizens are criminals to be under eternal surveillance? are you sure, this is the right answer???

@EU_Commission don't make the internet even worse for everyone + ratio


I was looking at popular pornography web sites and I was surprised that the video url's I purveyed had no direct evidence of child participation. Instead, it was primarily sex acts between people who at times appeared physiologically similar to a child; However, the genitalia on close inspection of image was that of a consenting adult.

I think that if internet surfers want child pornography then they would have to pay for it by credit card. That's how they're caught;)


Stop using children as a political prop to destroy our future, you fucking clowns.

#Totalitarianism is a real and growing danger.

#Child sexual abuse is your Trojan horse to establish a digital dystopia to rival the worst autocracies.

And trust me, your plans will fail. You're dealing immense damage to the European project.

And you don't know the level of anger you're currently unleashing.


#Chatcontrol is not possible.

The people will not stand for this. We know our basic rights.

And one more thing:

I predict that the whole IT sector will go on strike before they even think of implementing your insane plans.

Good luck building your digital dystopia without us.

Global elites want to end encryption and online anonymity so they can go after democracy activists. They're selling it to us as a child safety measure.

@EU_Commission Please give numbers what communication channels are used for the distribution of child pornography and what percentage of child pornography distribution would be affected by your law. Because I doubt that admins of darknet forums will implement the systems that you are talking about. #chatkontrolle #chatcontrol

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