Aware of anyone violating EU sanctions on Russia or Belarus?

We have created an online tool for whistleblowers to contact us and report violations of EU sanctions.

Make a report πŸ‘‰

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I very much wish there was a similar tool where people of UK could do the same about our awful PM and his cabinet...

What will happen to the anti Putin Russians that couldn't get out of the country and are still employed by Western companies? Reporting their company would cost them their livelihood...

@loveisgrief You can always ask that to prevent any kind of action. It’s a last call to try to get out before Putin does a crackdown. @EU_Commission

@loveisgrief @EU_Commission They just want to destroy private property and privacy rights, the war is an excuse to advance their agenda. Look at them now, asking us to become snitches, the EU is pure evil.

@EU_Commission Is this Tool end-to-end-encrypted? I'm asking because the EU commission wants to destroy end-to-end-encrypted confidential communication of ordinary and non-criminal citizens!

@waywardchild @EU_Commission Here's your answer: πŸ‘‰

@brie @EU_Commission
Okay, I forgot this: /s

But: your link shows only http, when I copied it into my browser I came to the https site.


@EU_Commission errrr.. . I think most European community countries does one way or an other
Get real and stop censoring news from either side

@EU_Commission So where can we vote for your so-called "promotion of democracy, rule of law"?

I'd like to report Nancy Pelosi for drinking Russian vodka.

@EU_Commission Is it possible to put a whole country or some #Swiss #canton on this list? Or our whole #banking #industry?

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