Child sexual abuse is a real and growing danger.

📈 More than 2 million children are being affected every year.

This week, we have proposed new rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse online⬇️

@EU_Commission y'know, I think there are better ways to combat child abuse than undermining the privacy and security of all communications

@Reiddragon @EU_Commission
Yeah, they don't care, they know very well that abusers will circumvent the measures anyway. They just wanted a plausible excuse to push more surveillance

@European Commission This is going to be a historic mistake. If we go this way, we're turning a pinnacle of freedom into a bad day in China.

Once we actually get this kind of laws, there's no going back. Are Europeans really ok with a government that's turning into Big Brother under the veil of "fighting child abuse", you think?

Stay the hell out of my communication!

@EU_Commission You are proposing the surveillance state and none of that BS is helping against child abuse. Go think again.

@EU_Commission Yes. So, maybe EU should focus on abusers, rather than depriving all citizens of basic rights? #chatcontrol #panopticon #BigBrother #privacy #EUpol

@EU_Commission STOP THIS. You're ignorant if you think this is the solution to the problem.

For the politicians that are proposing this: remember that the backdoor you are trying to create will be used against you :)

@EU_Commission you can't protect children byt SCANNING EVERY MESSAGE WITHOUT A WARRANT!

You want to protect children? Demand nations INCREASE FUNDING for child abuse investigation, instead of leaving those departments without resources to function!

@EU_Commission Do you really expect such criminals who abuse children to shiver in the face of your plans? Do you really expect them not to keep using fully encrypted tools illegally (e.g. Briar)? The result of your plans will mean loss of human rights for upstanding citizens whereas child abusers will go on with their deeds as usual. The worst thing is that I think you are fully aware of it but you don't care. You abuse child abuse as a pretext for a foot in the door.

The current plans are horrible. Listen to the experts for once. EDRi,, anyone really.
I seriously wonder where you found someone who thought it would be a good idea to totally undermine the privacy and integrity of all communication.

#chatcontrol #chatkontrolle

that's a terrible idea. For two reasons:

1- there are also childrens out of the EU. So you must give the possibility to access , to the whole world. Now tell me: after you give Russia or China a backdoor to grab communications, they will be able to listen all of us. Or, their childrens are less valuable?

2- you are asking the criminals to cooperate. If they don't want to cooperate, they will deploy their own servers with ciphers you can't break. So you will never benefit of this feature, cause criminals will not cooperate with you, deploying encryption you cannot break.

In short: useless and dangerous.

@murks @EU_Commission @humanetech Probably at some intelligence agency or random person off the street who has nothing to hide.

@tennoseremel @EU_Commission /me waiting for the EU to explain us that "The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the only law that applies in Europe is the law of Europe."

@EU_Commission these proposals will put journalists, abuse victims, and whistleblowers in danger. It is unacceptable and shameful to hide behind abused children to push such draconian laws.


They have really proposed it in a way that opponent of this bill will looks like they support child-abuse.

Good wiki article, I am saving it


@selea @EU_Commission yes, it is just obnoxious manipulation. And the outcome of the law will be useless, at best.


People will just move to other communication mediums that is impossible to "crack" down on


@selea @EU_Commission it's worse.

These "AI-based" solutions like Apple's NeuralHash thingamajig are notoriously easy to trick to flag an innocent image as "known child abuse material":

Scenario: somebody sends innocent-looking photos to politicians they don't like. The AI flags them, the police raids them, and it is quickly public they "allegedly" had child abuse material on their devices.

Only they didn't.

But explain that to the public now.

@selea @EU_Commission another scenario:

Some law enforcement agency happens to not like a particular person. Say, a whistleblower. They have nothing on them, so they can't get a warrant, but they really really want to.

They send the person such innocent-looking false positive. Bam, Apple sends a report to LEA "child abuse material on that phone", LEA gets a warrant, whistleblower compromised.

@selea @EU_Commission my point is: it's not about what the most privacy-conscious of us will start doing to evade this.

It's about every one else in the world who doesn't have the knowledge or time to deal with this bullshit, and now becomes exposed to these kinds of shenanigans.

@rysiek @selea @EU_Commission You know, the human rights in the ECHR are generally considered to be indivisible and interdependent, that is, one cannot enjoy one of the rights without the other. One of those rights is privacy of communications. If we start sawing at these rights, chances are we'll lose others, and the entire founding principle of the EU is lost.

The motivation, I cannot fault. I have children as well that I want...

@rysiek @selea @EU_Commission ... to be safe. But the method of undermining a fundamental human right is just the wrong response, ethically as well as for the mechanic reasons you others have outlined here.

At the same time, the next generation internet initiative by the EC invests heavily into a more human centric future internet, in which human rights are supposed to be *more* protected than now.

It's also inconsistent here.

@rysiek @selea @EU_Commission It genuinely appears as if the commission doesn't know what it's doing here, and that's intensely scary.

You have advice on this matter. Civil society is consistently advising you not to undermine privacy. It's tragic that this advice keeps getting ignored to the detriment of absolutely everyone.

@jens @rysiek @selea @EU_Commission They know exactly what they’re doing. Don’t mistake malice for incompetence. This is the new William Barr/US Justice Dept. playbook.

@aral @rysiek @selea @EU_Commission If it takes malicious actors saving face by claiming incompetence to stop this incursion on our rights, I'll take it. I will even applaud that they learned a lesson.

With #EUvsChildSexualAbuse and #ChatControl, the
@EU_Commission proposes #undemocratic legislation in direct opposition to our fundamental right to #privacy of communications, set forth in the #ECHR as one of the founding principles of the #EU. This despite express and repeated recommendations by #CivilSociety. Known effective methods for protecting against abuse are instead ignored.

The goal is right. The method is as wrong as it can be. It's #unethical and #ineffective.


@EU_Commission As I wrote to Frau #VonDerLeyen, as a German, she should be painfully aware that in the last 100 years, we've had two secret polices with access to everything, the #Stasi and the #Gestapo, and the entire world knows how that turned out.

Farming this out to tech companies with *less* oversight surely will be A Good Thing (Yeah, no, that's #sarcasm just so we're clear).

By the way, @FRA - what is your assessment on this blatant rights abuse?

We have a EU rights agency with a fedi account, @FRA, so I would very much like to know how the #privacy violation that is #ChatControl can be considered anything other than undermining #HumanRights in the EU by @EU_Commission .

Please issue a position statement. We need to know where we're at. Are our human rights respected in accordance with the #ECHR or is #MassSurveillance the higher goal?

Search yields no results.

@jens @rysiek @selea @EU_Commission It creates policy gaps. These gaps can be measured by polling the opinion of a sample of the population.

@rysiek @selea @EU_Commission Incidentally, there are a few @NGIZero funded projects present here who take care of human rights as best as possible in their work, including my own #interpeer project.

It's also worth noting that we - tech that is - has worked for years on human rights guidelines such as , work that is performed by EU civil society amongst others. We, generally speaking, have a good understanding of the solution space.

Mass surveillance is not in it.

What is being proposed is directly opposite to our projects and the reasons we got funded as part of the Privacy Enhancing Technologies funding. This has roll on consequences for any product that may provide a communication service in the EU.

It's horrific and the potential for mandating backdoors is contrary to #RFC1984. Which #RFC 8280 references along with a couple of other relevant RFCs.
@rysiek @selea @EU_Commission @NGIZero

@jens @rysiek @selea @EU_Commission @NGIZero
Let's not forget what's happening in the US with Roe vs Wade where private communications, plus metadata about their searches, for folks seeking abortions could be used to prosecute them. It does not take that much to be on the wrong side of the law.

#chatcontrol is #masssurveillance and will infringe on the human rights of EU citizens and EU residents.

@onepict @jens @rysiek @selea @EU_Commission @NGIZero Funny, search engine surveillance/data retention doesn't matter... until it does.

@selea @rysiek @EU_Commission and it's a punch in victims face when they state that this stuff is circulating online for years. Europol and the German BKA literally didn't try to ask the hosting companies to delete the stuff.

Europol says that the local authorities are in charge and the BKA says it has no legal mandate for that. (German article)

@rysiek @EU_Commission That and the ability to spy on political opponents to suppress opposition. yes indeed, do think of the children.

we should have less monitoring like this shit, they can hardly sneeze without everybody knowing about it and half the internet cancelling them,
imagine what that's doing to them mentally.


Please, also consider the very real harm done by hate speech and mean comments.

You should think about expanding the scope of this legislation and also protect the citizens from only hate crime and mean words.

@EU_Commission @steffen In spirit of proposed regulation, all speech should be prohibited, it is the only way to be sure.

if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

I for one welcome our new child-protecting laws

@steffen Care to hand me your email and banking credentials then?

Besides, this is a red herring. There are many people who live under repressive regimes. If the only things that are encrypted are the things that people feel they need to hide, then the very act of using encryption in the first place makes one suspect, regardless of what's being said.

If the vast majority of encrypted information becomes "letters to grandma" it becomes much more useful as a tool for protecting people, because it no longer arises suspicion. It short, it helps the "good guys" too.

Backdooring encryption is a bad idea, full stop.

@steffen @EU_Commission I love how you're like the only one in the replies with this take too lol

@EU_Commission #ChatControl won't make children safer, but undermine democracy. A well-meant but very bad idea.

@EU_Commission Child abuse ist one thing, #chatcontrol on a large scale another. Do not mix one with the other. And by the way, live up to web standards and add your media caption, please. #DoYourInclusionJobEU

@EU_Commission mass surveillance does not protect a single child!

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