Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid to be who you are.
Don't be afraid to show your true colours.

Today we reaffirm our commitment to advance a .

A Union of equal rights and freedoms, where diversity is celebrated as richness.

@EU_Commission Except for we have every right to be afraid since you're giving dangerous countries like Hungary and Poland powerful tools like #chatcontrol to find and oppress even the last of us. And don't get back at me with "but it's just for pedophiles blabla", everyone knows these regimes try to label every single LGBTIQ* as pedo, not even mentioning how faulty the AI detection will be.

No, I'm not feeling safe in the EU anymore.

@Natanox @EU_Commission

Don’t worry, surely they are building a system of complete authoritarian control with the best intentions.

If not against the pedos, then against the terrorists, money launderers, Russian trolls, homophobes, or whatever evil they can come up with.

It's enough to look at the US to see how this game is played.

@hllizi @EU_Commission The US is way more damaged and corrupt than the EU, however I see your point. At least the EU does have a more modern constitution, so the courts will rip #chatcontrol apart. Still, polish and hungarian LGBTIQ* are getting more and more desperate because of the EU, not despite it.


Agree. My main point about the US is that it shows that your concerns are justified.


@Natanox @hllizi @EU_Commission
However the EU doesn't really have the tools to enforce rights if the member states don't want to.

@Natanox @EU_Commission It is not about children. It is a power play to get control over technologies that the old politicians don't understand, but fear.

The hope of finally putting a lock on that damn free spech where people without a hidden agenda argue for the right (and sometimes the wrong) thing.

Next is terrorism, then "wrong" opinions. Then climate change discussions? Who knows.

@Natanox @EU_Commission nor do Hungarian journalists who want to cover corruption cases, they were actively observed by Pegasus too

@Natanox @EU_Commission and just to add a little bit of flavor when a commission was supposed to the established in Hungary the government party has not participated and therefore the investigation did not take place

@EU_Commission If #ChatControl implements a backdoor on message apps, people that live in countries that is forbidden to be lgbtq+ will be not only afraid but in danger to text their true colours. Please stop this #masssurveillance madness.

@mihira @EU_Commission
Especially because that backdoor will most likely threaten the safety of minorities in countries with less rights than in the EU. Because some countries might copy & paste the EU-Law and the fact that it's an EU-Law gives it some legitimacy like the "Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz".

@EU_Commission Hello, it is easy to say "Don't be afraid ..." if you cannot protect ...


OK, then maybe you should do something against Viktor #Orban, not against safe #communication online?



Who is saying this? How can we know this is true if you are like Jekyll and Hyde?

> "Don't be afraid to be who you are. Don't be afraid to show your true colours"

"Don't be afraid.. as you've got nothing to hide, because we'll expose all your private online communications to strangers to judge you, with our #ChatControl dystopia" 🤖

"Don't be afraid to ditch your basic right for #privacy as Silicon Valley and shadowy agencies will watch over you. We MEP's know little of tech."

@EU_Commission i'm afraid of you.
If you say that you defend the lgtbi+ people and rights, how can you give support and weapons to the nazis in Ukraine?

@JordiVallcarca @Gomphotherium @EU_Commission Also, both of them have noses. "Nose" looks suspiciously similar to "nazi"!

@JordiVallcarca @EU_Commission
Some references are in languages I don't understand (french), the pictures don't say anything and the sources are sketchy/not trustworthy.
I searched for Voennyi prestupniki (top right: first videos with the interviews, I can read Cyrillic a bit) and I found nothing but removed amazon pages and a slovenian Book "Nat͡s︡istskie voennye prestupniki v SShA i drugikh stranakh NATO" (translation ( NATO war criminals in the USSR and other NATO countries). 1/2

@JordiVallcarca @EU_Commission I could not identify the other "press" media.
Also you referenced to information of this website and this user: Ah yes, and the one and only - Russia Today.
All in all: The sources do absolutely not convince me. 2/2

@JordiVallcarca @EU_Commission To add: The information does not convince me that the majority are nazis.

geopolitical mess 

@Gomphotherium @JordiVallcarca @EU_Commission
The "Nazi"-Thing is exactly what the Kremlin is spreading through it's propaganda channels. Maybe some of those sources are related to those propaganda channels.

@EU_Commission hello I would like you to respect that we hold the human right of privacy please.

@dhfir @EU_Commission ,Not Real #EU Mastodon Account Yet,

Just Copies #Twitter Posts To My Knowledge :)

Governments Sadly Could Spy On Anyone,

Hence We Meant To Have/Push Protection Laws, Warrants, Legal Defence, Etc, :)

@EU_Commission Posting this a few days after promoting #ChatControl requires #DoubleThink; holding two conflicting beliefs simultaneously. As people have pointed out, #MassSurveillance puts marginalized groups at higher risk, which sadly includes LGBTIQ folk.

Looks like #NineteenEightyFour is today, in the #EU.

Which commitment will you reaffirm tomorrow? The one of online privacy would be good for a start. Think the worst of what mass surveillance has done in the past and is doing at present. Then think again what it could do in the future. Stop client-side scanning before it is too late – you will not be able to herd it in ever after.

@EU_Commission ...then please top trying to destroy privacy online.

Encryption is either secure, or useless: any backdoor WILL be exploited.

@EU_Commission All this needs privacy. Real privacy, not just privacy within the limits governments like.

@EU_Commission Why Bosnia and Herzegovina don't have EQUAL right to join EU while it's in heart of Europe???

Stop bullshiting

@EU_Commission How can we not be afraid when you threaten to send our private communications to anti-queer authoritarians? Don’t tell us to not be afraid, just stop #chatcontrol

@EU_Commission Hi! Can i get married? in Poland? To a boy? Or at least can you force Poland to establish hate speech and hate crime laws? No?

Them sorry, but I think I WILL be afraid. Since, you know, there is no special punishment in Poland if homophobes would beat gays for being gays.

I suppose you understand my reasoning...?

@EU_Commission Also, is it really an #UnionOfEquality if same-sex marriage in, let's say, Germany, is completely invalid in Poland...?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

a bit of pessimism 

@szymonbrycki @EU_Commission I am affraid that the EU can't do that, it can at most cut EU money or suspend the membership, whatever good that would do.

The EU itself doesn't have a great record on human rights (=> Frontex), so even if they could, I am not quite sure if they would.

a bit of pessimism 

@julian @EU_Commission It was a rhetoric question. But if EU cannot/will not do that, which is an absolute minimum (alongside marriage equality) then EU should work on that, instead of celebrating "pan-European tolerance" or something... =_='

@EU_Commission "Don't be afraid to show your true colours -- we already know from your communication anyway"


@EU_Commission what a wonderful own-goal this thread turned out to be.

@EU_Commission vous êtes vraiment des putain de clowns, en plus de vous cacher derrière un miroir Twitter vous vous cachez bien de la réalité des choses
@helene @EU_Commission

But even clowns can't argue with the wonder, and that's the point when Stockholm Syndromes.
@helene @EU_Commission

When truth stranger than science, lies only fuel disbelief.


Everyone has an equal right to be fully monitored by the EU.

@EU_Commission yeah see you next month when you suddenly forgot all about that and return to implementing the stasis wet dream.

queerphobic eu bullshit 

@EU_Commission The government that controls me considers my existence pedophilia, and you want to give them the right to see my chat messages to "stop pedophilia"? Incredibly afraid, actually

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