85% of Europeans believe that the EU should reduce its dependency on Russian gas and oil as soon as possible to support Ukraine.

With the plan, we can do it.

It will step up Europe's energy security and independence and mobilise up to €300 billion.

@EU_Commission Pretty hilarious that Russia ended up getting all of your mechanisms moving so much more easily than a bunch of children imploring you to do something.

@nemeciii @EU_Commission

I found this link for #REpowerEU. Clearly an existing initiative warmed over for circumstances of #UkraineInvasion? ❤️💔

I'm struggling to understand what happens to hundreds of billions of euros that get paid for Russian gas? Does this get used to rebuild Ukraine or just re-arm Putin's war machine?

@EU_Commission building on that logic the EU countries should not depend on the EU, and citizens not on their country. Now _that_ I can support.


How many times did you make them revote before they gave you the answer you wanted? We're on to your shenanigans
@EU_Commission Of course, as citizen of 🇨🇿 country with 99% dependence on Russian gas i have no idea, how the fck could anybody let this go so far. Depending on strategic resource from single source .. i could call it plain stupidity

85% (or even more) of EU citizens also believe your #ChatControl is a bad idea and not serving the purpose proclaimed. Do you also unleash your power to stop that surveillance package?

I'm afraid that here on the east it will increase prices and weakens support for EU

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