The more interdependent we become in Europe, the more independent we become from Russia.

This whole approach is . It will help us:

🗺️ diversify our energy supplies
☀️ produce clean energy
🔋 save energy

This is another milestone on our way to more Europe.

And by the way you want to control our hole communication. Greetings from China. Keyword: chat control. Stop it now!

Атомные электростанции будут наверно, на возобновляемой далеко не уехать. Но не факт. Я рад за тех, у кого это получилось, но на возобновляемой нужна стабильность в природе, в которой не угадать. Буду рад, если получится.

EN (DeepL):
There will probably be nuclear power plants; you can't go far on renewable power. But that's not a fact. I'm happy for those who have succeeded, but renewable needs stability in nature, which you can't guess at. I'll be glad if it works out.

Norway begs to differ. We've had the highest electricity prices in Europe since we hooked into your power market, despite the fact that our hydro-electric plants are almost free to operate

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