Those who keep Putin's war machine running must pay the price.

Today, we take action to add violation of EU sanctions to the list of EU crimes and to confiscate assets of oligarchs violating sanctions to Russia.

EU sanctions must be respected.

First, we are proposing to make the violation of sanctions an EU crime.

Such action is a criminal offence that threats international peace and security and should be sanctioned firmly throughout the EU.

Those trying to circumvent sanctions must be punished.


Second, we extend the rules on asset recovery and confiscation.

The core objective is to ensure that crime does not pay.

We will deprive criminals of their ill-gotten gains and limiting their capacity to commit further crimes.


Does this Include Venezuela and Cuba? how democratic is the sanctions regime?

When do we get to sanction Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, the US?

@EU_Commission sure wish you would do this worldwide to the billionaires stealing labor and depriving people of their earnings. The capitalist system creates this too, please fix that while you are at it.

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