The world’s food supply is in danger.

Putin and its unjustified invasion of Ukraine are creating a crisis that endangers the food security of millions of people in many parts of the world.


The Russian troops are bombing Ukrainian fields, not allowing for the sowing of crops, looting food stocks and blocking Ukraine’s ports.

The consequences are well known. Food and fertilizer prices are skyrocketing in many parts of the world.

Urgent action is needed to help Ukraine export its agricultural produce and overcome the threat to global .

We are working on Solidarity Lanes to prioritise Ukrainian agricultural export shipments.


You set restrictions on a sovereign nation and are surprised that they don't want to sell you the things you want. You're getting what you deserve

@Leyonhjelm @EU_Commission
sovereign nation? it's a bunch of retarded marauders

@Leyonhjelm @EU_Commission

The point is that ruzzia is a terrorist organization which hold in hostages part of Ukraine, part of Georgia, the whole nations of Chechnya, Tatarstan and many others. People who are not completely dumb (like Macron or Scholz) do not negotiate with terrorists

You are definitely idiots. It's time for you to stop retelling the fakes of the Ukrainian authorities...


The "rest of the world" who have been trying to choke off the Russian economy. Not a good look for the West here and definitely not Russia's problem
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