Europeans deserve to know how online services use their data.

Today, we warned WhatsApp that its consumers must be clearly informed about its terms of service and data policies.

In particular, whether WhatsApp derives its revenue from users’ personal data.

@EU_Commission Ban #whatsapp from Europe in favour of free and more #privacy-conscious alternatives, for example #signalapp and #session

@gappdeb @EU_Commission Better yet, support @matrix. And by support I mean adopt & finance.

Clearly informing the consumers about terms of service & data polices doesn't mean anything when you're trying to ban e2ee and outlaw privacy under the guise of saving children/fighting child porn or terrorist or...

@EU_Commission That's nice, but even if they do, probably the majority doesn't care - unfortunately 😢


Your attempt to get that data for your own use is a much bigger threat to the privacy of European citizens.

@EU_Commission I've just gone and assumed it's the sole reason Facebook acquired it in the first place. Anything they touch I steer well clear of.

@EU_Commission Let’s start by replacing “consumers” with “people.” And let’s start thinking beyond what people farmers like Meta do with people’s data once they have it and start investing in systems where such corporations never get the data to begin with.

In case anyone reads these replies, you might want to listen to what I told the European Parliament a few years ago on that:

#tech #regulation #eu

I try that with „users“ and dang!
Hard to change that attitude.
But I notice a change in my mindset 😮


@aral @EU_Commission

"Why are you trying to replicate hyperscalers? They have the same success criteria as cancer."


"Regulate for algorithmic transparency"


"Regulate for data minimization"


Personally I love how after you explain that no single person or entity on the #fediverse controls every users freedom of speech, that they just seemed stunned into silence with no idea what to say next.

@EU_Commission Could you also force them to re-enable interoperability, since they're just an XMPP server with no federation?

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