3 years ago, our legislation on 10 single-use plastic products entered into force.

We either banned them from sale or reduced their consumptions in favour of sustainable alternatives.

Why 10? They were the most often found on our beaches.


The legislation also set:

🗑️ a collection target of 90% for recycling for plastic bottles by 2030.
♻️ a requirement for plastic bottle to contain at least 30% of recycled plastic by 2030.


More than 80% of marine litter is plastic. This impacts not only the marine environment, but our health too.

Our goal is to reduce the plastic waste in our oceans by 50% and microplastics by 30% by 2030.


@EU_Commission Can you please explain why your goal is not to reduce production of plastic by 80%, and forbid production and use of plastic made from fossil fuel by 100%?

Doing so would certainly meet your goal without having to create new technologies to "cleanup the ocean".

@EU_Commission these messages of the EU commission have been bloating my time lines for years and somehow nothing changes, I seperate my trash, I recycle as much as I can and even in restaurants I'm using "noodle straws".

But no matter how "green" I live, I can still see my waste being transported to South East Asia where it ends in the ocean.

The EU commission should tackle this before telling me that I'm the problem

Exactly! Afaik this trash exporting is illegal to some point in many countries, but enforcement seems lacking to put it politely. And even within Europe trash gets exported and dumped, e.g. to Poland, and is a nightmare for locals of illegal dumping sites. I have to say though, round my place people really suck at handling their household trash, littering and not separating.

@grob @Zoidtes @EU_Commission who ships their waste out of a country from the EU?

There are treaties prohibiting this.

I'm not really convinced by the targets and a bit sad to not hear about pushing for reusable containers and deposits (e.g. like in Germany), but... I do appreciate that you included image descriptions 👍

Good decision! 👍
And yay for image descriptions 😁

@EU_Commission or using a system where people have to pay a rent fee for plastic bottles and things like that. With that 99% of all PET bottles in Germany go back into the deposit-refund system. Often are shreddered in the supermarket and going into recycling.

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