EU border signs are one of the last tokens of crossing internal EU borders.

The freedom offered by the area makes life easier for the 3.5 million people who cross borders every day.

The free movement of people, goods and services is at the heart of the 🇪🇺


Yeah, but you were ready to give it up for a “pandemic”. Freedom that can be taken away at will is not freedom at all.

@EU_Commission So why is it that Germany is controlling the border on some crossing points like the one near Salzburg? They started during the Syrian refugee movements and never ended since. In contrary they built some infrastructure to accomodate the police forces there and therefor i am willing to say "they came to stay".

Any explanation in this?

This is soooo not true!
To start with blockades to stop immigrants going from Italy to France or to Austria...

@EU_Commission During the pandemic... France refused take off to a Spanish Air Force cargo plane coming from Turkey with masks and PE. Doctors in Madrid were using garbage bags for PE. An agreement was reached after leaving half the cargo in France, if memory serves...

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