Opting out from an online service should be as easy as opting in.

We welcome Amazon's commitment to bring its cancellation practices in line with EU consumer rules.

European consumers must be able to exercise their rights and unsubscribe freely and easily.

@EU_Commission Thank you Big Corp for adhering to the law. We are ever so appreciative.

Please be less pathetic.

@aral @EU_Commission Has Amazon even done anything yet? The word "commitment" sounds very suspicious.

@EU_Commission When it's noteworthy by the governments social media team that a single big corporation is finally adhering to the law.

Now, how about finally banning the other ones who still don't?

@Natanox @EU_Commission not any time soon, because people wouldn't like it.

Ever tried unsubscribing fron prime? WHAT are you talking about?

@EU_Commission Big Corp X is finally following the law after having been screaming and kicking their feet for ages. We will now give them free advertising that all the companies who followed the law from day 1 didn't get.

You realize you are rewarding purposefully delaying compliance with this, right?

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