The EU sanctions are biting Russia hard and deep, limiting its ability to finance aggression against Ukraine.

In coordination with 40 countries, the EU will keep up the pressure to deprive the Kremlin of the means to finance this brutal, senseless war.

@EU_Commission you're not looking at how you're going to get the energy cucumber out of our ass, I say

@EU_Commission What about the Gazprom Bank‽

The European Union 🇪🇺 is paying for Russian 🇷🇺 gas ⛽️ via the Gazprom Bank which is funding Putin’s war against Ukraine 🇺🇦.


What do you think happens when a house is not heated?

Do you want Millions dead next Winter?

@CapitalB No one wants millions to freeze.

However, the @EU_Commission needs to come up with a better strategy as Russia 🇷🇺 is using the gas ⛽️ funds to pay for Putin’s unprovoked war against Ukraine 🇺🇦.

They are banning 90% of sea gas imports from Russia 🇷🇺, but that does not resolve the current dilemma.

@Darnell Clayton :verified: You use the wrong icon for gas. I assume you're American, where "gas" means the liquid fuel you use in a car. But we buy natural gas from Russia; the gas (not liquid) we use for heating our houses and cooking dinner.

But yes, we should stop buying anything from Russia asap, including gas.
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