1, 2, 3 - kickflip🛹and cross the EU border freely.

European skateboarders performed their tricks at the 🇪🇪-🇱🇻 border, proving that borders in the area only exist on maps.

The free movement of people, goods and services is at the heart of our Union.


Yeah right... Try to backflip into Switzerland

Switzerland isn't a Schengen-country.
@capriceDesHommes Hmm, learned something new today, thanks ;-)

Switzerland isn't in the EU, so I thought it couldn't be a Schengen-country either. Turns out I was wrong. Don't remember when my last time in Switzerland was, but I do remember they checked my passport.
@European Commission Well, try to enter France with Dutch license plates on your car. Sure, you can cross the border without a problem, but a few hunderd meters further the French police will stop you, question you and search your car.

@EU_Commission Like during the last two years?

Sadly I cant type the correct term for you hypocritical .... Just imagine the worst term ever and you are 10x that.

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