The Russian military is taking chips from dishwashers and refrigerators to fix their military hardware, because they ran out of semiconductors.

Russia's industry is in tatters and its economy on life-support.

This is the price for Putin's trail of death and destruction.

I remember when travel to Cuba was reopened from the us and everyone was amazed they managed to keep all kinds of old tech operational without access to newly imported goods. Obviously solid state electronics are a bit harder to do that with but might be a thing to keep in mind. The ingenuity of people under pressure is not to be discounted.

@EU_Commission a cautionary tail of how dangerous globalizm can be.

Je suis curieux de connaître les références.

Je veux bien croire que la Russie n’a plus les moyens d’acheter de l’électronique haute gamme à la Chine mais delà être à court…

#russie #semiconducteur

@alnotz @EU_Commission
As China is dependent on the “West” for high-end semiconductor production kit, Chinese manufacturers seem to follow Western sanctions against Russia on their own, the Russian business is not worth the risk finding yourself on the US entity list.

EU commission IS a source. What is not a source is the Kremlin, since 1986, when "in Chernobyl everything is running fine".

Hope this is clear, french ivan.


Je dirais que les microcontrôleurs de l’UE viennent d’abord de Taïwan en majorité. J’hésite en seconde place. La Chine ?


Es buenisimo, segun la comision europea, los rusos toman chips de las lavadoras y otros electrodomésticos para uso militar.

Algo similar nos pasó en California, faltaba cierto chip y compramos miles de controladores de lavarropas para canibalizarlos.

Entre la pandemia y la guerra, deben estar en el horno...

@pthenq1 @EU_Commission Aaah, por eso los soldados rusos no paran de robar lavadoras y frigoríficos!

@aurochs @EU_Commission

Nah. Ellos roban para ellos. Se robaban inodoros! Muchos soldados rusos parecen venir de regiones muy pobres. Eso explica, según operator starky, la desaparición de bidets y cosas así. Aparte de PS4 y demas

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