Aware of anyone circumventing EU sanctions on Russia or Belarus?

We have created an online tool for whistleblowers to contact us and report violations of EU sanctions.

Make an anonymous report 👉

@EU_Commission why you used EQS Integrity Line instead of GlobalLeaks? It was any public tender process?

@EU_Commission Finally you encourage whistleblowing. Where can Snowden be safe?

What the EU has to do with Snowden? Do you happen to know what country he's citizen of?

@older @EU_Commission Do you know what happened when Snowden tried to become a citizen of the EU as he was threatened by the USA? (Hint: EU said no.)

Why should he be able to become citizen of EU? On what grounds?

Ah, so you are confusing citizenship with asylum. Got it.
Anyway, most countries only allow applying for asylum from their territory. If, let's say, Afghanistan citizens cannot apply for asylum in EU while not being in the EU, why American citizens should be granted such rights? Are you suggesting that Americans are somehow more important than Afghanis?

@older @EU_Commission Have you even read the EU's decision to not let Snowden live with them? The EU is not a "country".

Snowden had to live in Russia because the EU did not want him. Which point, exactly, was your original question that started this discussion targeting?

My point is that nobody has "right" to live in the EU except the EU citizens. That's how it works. You seem to be under impression that Snowden somehow is an exception, but it is unclear to me on what grounds. @EU_Commission

@older @EU_Commission My point is not that the EU has to grant citizenship to Snowden, but that they did nothing to help him.

@older @EU_Commission I accept that you think that helping a threatened whistleblower is not required. It's laughable that the EU which refuses to help a whistleblower asks for whistleblowing now. That's all.

Let's end this pointless discussion here.

The EU asks for whistleblowing on companies breaking the EU laws.
Why triggered you to bring up Snowden's case is mystery to me.

@older @tux0r @EU_Commission Hello comrade. Can you tell me how to block you and everyone somehow connected to you in any way?

@EU_Commission What a joke! Thats some DDR surveillance. "Is your neighbor listing to Western Radio? Report them to you local Stati office!"
One of the fundamental monopolies you have is the right to pass and (crucially) enforce laws! That is one of the core responsibilities not of your citizens! This website is a disgrace for democracy!

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