These 6 cities have made it to the finals for the Awards! 🏆

🇫🇷 Grenoble
🇪🇸 Córdoba
🇩🇪 Hamburg
🇸🇮 Ljubljana
🇪🇸 Mérida
🇸🇪 Skellefteå

This recognition is awarded to cities that have made accessibility a priority. This means allowing equal access to services and opportunities for everyone, no matter their age, mobility or ability.

Which of the finalists do you think will win?

Results to be announced this Friday, 25 November. More info:

@EU_Commission Reading @JuleStinkesocke s description of accessibility issues in #hamburg, I am not sure whether it’s good news for those in need that this city is nominated (as it means worse elsewhere).

@EU_Commission To me, the most incredible thing is that most of these cities were founded centuries if not millennia ago and have managed to add accessibility while conserving old pavements and buildings. Massive kudos to all contestants!

What are the databases that are used to discriminate all European cities?

Not sure which city will win, but happy #Grenoble is within the finalists!

Transports in Grenoble have started been made accessible to wheelchair users from the early 80s. The universities #UnivGrenobleAlpes have had a devoted service for a long time, lecture rooms eg have HF equipment for audio. Which doesn't mean all is perfect 🚧

By the way @EU_Commission : remember to caption the images, here we see stunning views of the 6 beautiful cities making it to the final.

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