🇪🇸 España sigue avanzando en su agenda de reformas e inversiones.

Hemos aprobado una evaluación preliminar de la segunda solicitud de pago presentada por España por valor de 12 000 millones de euros, y basada en la consecución de 40 objetivos.

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Medical and specialised equipment for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats are on their way to Ukraine.

The 🇪🇺 mobilises emergency reserves to provide hospitals and medical workers in Ukraine with the necessary tools to save lives.

Russia continues to use natural gas as a political and economic weapon.

The United States and Europe are taking decisive action to reduce overall demand for fossil fuels in line with our shared goal of net zero emissions no later than 2050.

Statement: europa.eu/!wgtwpM

Good news for 🇸🇰 Slovakia!

Today, we have endorsed a positive preliminary assessment of Slovakia's payment request for €398.7 billion of grants under the Recovery and Resilience Facility.


🇪🇸 Spain continues to deliver on reforms and investments under .

We approved a preliminary assessment of Spain's second payment request for €12 billion under the Recovery and Resilience Facility, based on the achievement of 40 targets.


The 18 EU countries with underground gas storage facilities are required to fill 80% of their storage capacity by 1 November.

We welcome the adoption of new gas storage rules by
@Europarl_EN@twitter.com and @EUCouncil@twitter.com.


The best defence against conspiracy theories is knowledge.

Today, we organise a symposium addressing conspiracy theories through education with
@UNESCO@twitter.com @eurojewcong@twitter.com @alfredlandecker@twitter.com @Cambridge_Uni@twitter.com.

Follow the conversation:


The fleet is fighting forest fires across Europe.

Composed of 12 planes and a helicopter, positioned in 🇭🇷🇪🇸🇫🇷🇬🇷🇮🇹🇸🇪, they are deployed by the EU Civil Protection Mechanism as part of a coordinated emergency response.

Aware of anyone violating EU sanctions on Russia or Belarus?

We have created an online tool for whistleblowers to contact us and report violations of EU sanctions.

Make a report 👉 eusanctions.integrityline.com

Europe is a step closer to achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

This week we welcomed @Europarl_EN@twitter.com position on three key laws to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030.

Read more about our path to reach our climate targets

Якщо ви прибули до ЄС, рятуючись від війни в Україні, на нашій сторінці ви можете знайти інформацію про:

🚸Захист дітей
🎓 Освіту
🩺Охорону здоров’я

🔗ЄС підтримує Україну.➞ europa.eu/!tDHMPQ

If you are fleeing the war in Ukraine and coming to the EU, you can find information on our webpage about:

🚸Children protection
🎓 Education

🔗EU Stands with Ukraine. ➞ europa.eu/!VJY6fg

Putin's invasion of Ukraine is endangering the food security of millions of people.

We are taking action to safeguard by:

🚛 Making sure that trade flows
🌾 Making local production sustainable
🌍 Providing support to countries at risk
🤝 Ensuring a global response

⚡87% of Europeans support the EU's actions in the field of energy to reduce dependency on Russian fossil fuels.

With , we can phase out Russian fossil fuels and accelerate our green transition.

It is good for the climate but also for our energy security.

Ukrainian lorry drivers are at the forefront of transporting goods to and from 🇺🇦, including grain.

This week we proposed temporary rules to allow Ukrainians to use their driving licence in the EU.

This will enable them to work and help exporting goods.

The EU aviation industry is the most innovative in the world. 💚✈️

Our Alliance for Aviation will:

➡️Reduce emissions
➡️Coordinate industry efforts
➡️Facilitate the green aircraft commercialisation

We're leading the way for hydrogen and electric-powered aircraft.

We are showing once again to the world that the European Union is united and strong in the face of external threats.

Press conference by President @vonderleyen@twitter.com President @CharlesMichel@twitter.com and President @EmmanuelMacron@twitter.com following the June meeting.


🔬Ukrainian excellence in research deserves our support in these difficult times.

With this revision of the Euratom Work Programme for Research and Training, we'll help Ukrainian researchers to carry on their work in nuclear research and innovation.

Ukraine joins the LIFE environment and climate programme.

Russia's war causes pollution that will have long-term effects on the Ukrainian environment.

With the LIFE programme, Ukraine receives financial support to clean up polluted areas and restore nature.

We also commit to investing up to €1 billion to halt biodiversity loss and €350 million per year in marine research under Horizon Europe 2021-2027.

Our ocean is threatened, but not doomed.

Science and international cooperation will reverse this unsustainable trend.

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