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We committed to support the integration of Ukrainian refugees in the EU at our pledging event.

Now we deliver with the approval of €4 billion credit line to address urgent investment needs and help refugees start a new life.

We are proposing a 'Rebuild Ukraine' Facility to support the reconstruction of the country once the war is over.

Investments will go hand in hand with reforms and in line with Ukraine's European path.

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We are proposing new macro-financial assistance for Ukraine of up to €9 billion in 2022.

Addressing Ukraine's short-term financial support helps to sustain basic services, address humanitarian needs and fix the most essential destroyed infrastructure.

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The 🇪🇺 stands united in its unwavering support to 🇺🇦 – throughout this war and when they start rebuilding.

We continue helping our friend and neighbour to resist Russia's aggression.

In the long term, we stand ready to help rebuild a prosperous Ukraine.

🌊 From the North Sea to 🇪🇺 Europe.

We presented our plan earlier and we now take it forward at the North Sea Summit.

⏩ We are fast-forwarding clean energy transition by setting ambitious renewable energy targets, reducing bottlenecks and with investments.

plan aims to reduce our dependence on Russian gas by 2/3 by the end of this year and end it by 2027.

To achieve our energy independence, we need 210€ billion of additional investment by 2027.

It's a smart investment in our security and independence.

Energy savings are the quickest and cheapest way to address the current energy crisis.

When paired with efficiency measures, they can reduce prices and our energy bills.

We also propose a solar rooftop obligation for commercial, public buildings and new buildings.

Ukraine can count on the EU's full support.

We propose:
🔹 granting Ukraine additional macro-financial assistance of up to €9 billion,
🔹'RebuildUkraine' - a new instrument to finance the reconstruction and accompany the country on its European path.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an ongoing threat that has significant implications for EU defence.

Strengthening and streamlining the European defence industry will help countries to invest better, together and in a European way.

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Our new EU defence package promises to map, coordinate and incentivise investment across the EU.

Through both short and long-term measures, the package will strengthen EU defence capabilities while enhancing the European defence industrial and technological base.

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The EU is stepping up and building a stronger defence industry.

We are increasing military spending and coordination among EU countries to close the current defence investment gaps. Thread ↓

"Today, we present our plan to replace Russian fossil fuels by working on three levels:

🔸Saving energy.
🔸Diversifying our energy imports away from fossil fuels.
🔸Accelerating the clean energy transition".

Read President statement ↓

Small changes in our energy usage can also have a positive impact.

When paired with efficiency measures, they can impact prices and reduce our energy bills.

With Plan, we are also setting up contingency measures in case of severe energy supply disruptions.

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Russian fossil fuel imports cost European taxpayers nearly €100 billion per year.

To achieve our independence from Russian fossil fuel imports, we need 210€ billion of additional investment by 2027.

This is a smart investment in our security and independence.

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A massive and quick scale-up of renewables in power generation, industry, buildings, and transport will accelerate:

⚡our energy independence
🌲the green transition
📉reduce prices over time

We are increasing our 2030 energy efficiency and renewable energy targets.

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The EU will keep working with reliable partners to:

⚡diversify our supplies
⚡ensure record LNG imports & higher pipeline gas deliveries

The new 🇪🇺Energy Platform will enable joint energy purchases by pooling demand and coordinating the negotiations with suppliers.

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We are stepping up Europe's energy security and independence.

Today, we present the Plan to rapidly reduce our dependence on Russian fossil fuels, and fast forward the green transition.

How do we plan to achieve it? ⬇️

REPowerEU is our plan to reduce as rapidly as possible our reliance on Russia in energy.

With today’s proposals we are stepping up Europe's energy security and independence.

mobilises up to €300 billion.

We must now reduce as rapidly as possible our reliance on Russia in energy.

Press statement by President on plan, our support to Ukraine and investments on defence.

We are helping EU countries integrate the Ukrainians fleeing the war.

In the coming months, 🇧🇪🇨🇾🇨🇿🇫🇷🇬🇷🇮🇹🇵🇱🇷🇴🇸🇰 will receive our help under the Technical Support Instrument to make the process of integration quicker and smoother.

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