ICYMI our November newsletter is out at bit.ly/3AIDMe0, feat. news on our next calls for proposals, an interview with our Science & Innovation Panel, plus IMI project successes from @AMRAccelerator@twitter.com @BigDataHeart@twitter.com @Innodiagroup@twitter.com @EBiSC_cells@twitter.com @beamerproject@twitter.com

📢Our November newsletter is out: bit.ly/3AIDMe0
- Updates on IHI calls 3 & 4
- Interview with our Science & Innovation Panel
- IMI project news + successes from GNA-NOW (@AMRAccelerator@twitter.com), @BigDataHeart@twitter.com, @Innodiagroup@twitter.com, @EBiSC_cells@twitter.com, @beamerproject@twitter.com

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📢 Just published! Updated drafts of the topics for IHI calls 3 & 4 at bit.ly/394PGEe
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