TikTok commits to change its practices to align with EU rules to better protect consumers.

The social media platform was failing to protect children from hidden advertising and inappropriate content.

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@European Commission

TikTok commits to change its practices to align with EU rules to better protect consumers.

How is this possible? Their very business model is a violation of our privacy and human rights. Isn't it about time you stop making excuses for these companies and their practices?

@EU_Commission You mean after this:
You know, after they told US govt that they are not sharing any data.
Maybe check if your high ranking officials are receiving any bribes, or have been sleeping with another Fang Fang.

@EU_Commission “Was failing to”

Is it failing when those very same practices bolster their bottom line?

You still don’t fundamentally see a problem with surveillance-based business models “because capitalism.”

I might as well have spoken to a brick wall instead of to the European Parliament.

@EU_Commission hey, EU, here is an alternative idea: fine the f**king hell out of them.
You think a big tech like them with hundreds of thousands of employees don't know how to not harm children? They know and they don't care. They would rather pay to develop 50 filters than to spend that money to protect the right of children.
You know why? Because there is absolutely no consequences for them. By not giving them consequences, you are harming childrens yourself.

@EU_Commission 我不认为这些商业公司会保护用户,这些人都是以出卖用户获利的。

@EU_Commission Seeing humans as consumers is the problem in the first place. Especially for a "social platform". It is almost like seeing patients as consumers. Oh wait, they do that in the USA and other tribes....No bueno.
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