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celebrates its first 365 days of existence with new services, more users and a new satellite in service!🛰️🎉


📢EUSPA needs you!

We are revamping our online presence to make sure you can easily access the information you need.

Share your insights with us by taking the online survey and participating in the test, and help us link space to user needs! 👇

📅On 29 June - 1 July we'll hold the 🛰️🇺🇦 Hackathon, focused on developing solutions that leverage data & services to support those providing humanitarian help.

Bring your ideas to a good cause, register here 👇

We are looking for Copernicus Demonstrators 🛰️🌍

EUSPA is playing a key role in the downstream user uptake activities of , and we are looking to demonstrate 6 innovative Proof of Concepts divided into two lots:

- Mobility, Emergency and Infrastructures
- Consumer and Environment

Learn more about this procurement call at the Industry Day on 9 June at 10:00 ⬇️

So excited to be part of the
ESA Living Planet Symposium🌍 for the first time since our creation😎

Pop by our stand and let's talk about , synergies with , and market uptake initiatives!📊🛰️

Available in:🗣️🇬🇧🇫🇷🇩🇪🇬🇷


How can Earth observation, satellite navigation, and satellite communications contribute to prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery in emergencies?🛰️

During the workshop “Satellite-based Services for Disaster Risk Management” on 25 May the National Observatory of Athens will present based hubs of services for multi-risk early assessment and operational management, from to and .

Register to attend:

celebrates its first 365 days of existence with new services, more users and a new satellite in service!🛰️🎉


Another step for the EU's positioning system! 🛰️Galileo satellite GSAT0223 enters into service provision as of today!

Launched back in early December 2021, this satellite will add extra layers of accuracy and robustness to the EU's positioning system. This milestone also marks the first launch that performed the from our Control Centre (GCC) in Oberpfaffenhofen.

Stay tuned for more updates, also on its launch sibling GSAT0224!

EUSPA joins hands with EFCA - European Fisheries Control Agency for the EU Blue Economy.🔵

The two agencies will bring together their respective expertise to develop solutions for more efficient maritime operations, and improved fisheries monitoring, control & surveillance.🐟

Hey , this is Prague calling!

We're thrilled to be part of and support the @EDPS in this new venture. @EU_Commission

This is an official account, managed by our social media ninjas!

Let us introduce ourselves with a video 😎

More content to come 🛰️🌎

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