Hey , this is Prague calling!

We're thrilled to be part of and support the @EDPS in this new venture. @EU_Commission

This is an official account, managed by our social media ninjas!

Let us introduce ourselves with a video 😎

More content to come 🛰️🌎

@EUSPA @EDPS @EU_Commission Do you have specific examples as to what your organization does?

Also warning mate you're gonna be bullied for being in the EU have fun

@EUSPA @EDPS @EU_Commission

Welcome to the Fediverse, your first step to more independence from big tech giants.

We obviously still have a looooong way to go, when you introduce yourself in a video hosted on YouTube, a Google owned datamine. If you really need to use YouTube, at LEAST link to it via one of the publicly available Invidious instances or through

Best would be, you setup and maintain a PeerTube instance and host your videos there.

@markus Well they already have one. EU has an official PeerTube video instance where EUSPA has an account and a video. Hence my comment.

@markus @EUSPA @EDPS @EU_Commission I think for an organisational entity using invidious may be problematic, since you have to agree to terms of use when you upload videos to youtube.

The real solution is of course not to use youtube at all, but that's a different discussion.

@EUSPA Kind of funny to see you're here already. My better half does the mission planning for #Galileo, and started as MD LEOP not so long ago. Since she's not here, I can't tag her in, of course.

It's very nice seeing you here. I can't bring myself to use the birdsite or any similar, so perhaps this way I can keep a little up-to-date with what's happening :)

@jens this is such a nice coincidence! we'll be glad to keep you updated here from now on☺️

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